H2 launches H2 Refit division

Following the recent success of the Motor Yacht Va Bene refit at the Pendennis shipyard, a finalist at the 2009 Super Yacht Awards, H2 Yacht Design has taken the opportunity to launch a new division called H2 Refit. The division specialises in offering design services focused on the refitting of yacht interiors and exterior modifications.

H2 design started life 15 years ago specialising in refit work, and while the firm has subsequently deviated into new build projects, they still have the same core design team who have completed over 20 refit projects. “I feel now is the time to harness this experience and through this new division we can bring a level of service required to complete a successful refit” said Managing Director Jonny Horsfield. He has identified what he believes are the five key steps to a successful Refit.

- Survey, report and discuss the scope of work
- Create concept design, bid proposals and selection of shipyards
- Create definitive design drawings and lay down budgets
- Select, control, purchase and deliver interior fabrics & furnishings
- Supervise, supervise and supervise

The task of refitting the interior of a yacht brings with it challenges that are not present on new build projects. Integrating existing interior works with new design features coupled with working to strict time lines and budgets can be simplified by using an experienced team with an understanding of the refit process.

Yacht clients are pleased to recommend the firms refitting programme and can confirm the validity of the five step programme. Eric Clapton the owner of Va Bene was delighted when his yacht was placed among the award finalists for Refit Yacht of the year.

Having worked with many top interior outfitting companies such as Struik & Hammerslag and Sinnex, as well as working with Turkish and Italian outfitters, H2Refit can offer a service to meet every budget.

“I do not just want H2 to be known for the yachts that we have built recently such as Talisman C, Odessa and Sequel P” said Jonny Horsfield. “Our refit division has had equal success with Va Bene, Mary Jean, Sokar, Atlantic Goose, Istros, Tigre d’Or, Philisophy, Abdul Aziz, Element and Printemps just by following our five step programme.”

H2 Refit
Neil Lawson-Smith
+44 20 8788 5008
[email protected]



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