H2X shipyard manufactures a 35m hull through epoxy resin vacuum infusion

H2X is currently building the first in a range of new catamarans in its workshops, the S/Y Nahema 120. On 22 September 2008, the mould of the port side of the hull was unveiled as it left the H2X composites clean room (an exceptional facility of 50m in length). The hull was removed and then placed on a cradle.

This first 10-tonne composite sandwich hull (made of Glass/Epoxy, PVC Foam and Glass/Epoxy layers) was manufactured with a new and innovative technique - epoxy resin vacuum infusion. This is a complex process when used with epoxy resin, but offers a range of benefits:

  • A high-quality composite. The glass-fibre fabric layers are compacted and the fibre/resin proportions are optimised (35% instead of 60% with a direct application process). These proportions are very close to those used for aeronautical components and products.
  • Improved productivity through significant time savings, particularly with large parts.
  • Improved working conditions for shipyard staff and a further step forward as part of the sustainable development policy in place at the yard. The technique does not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It contributes to improving the working environment for shipyard staff and reduces production waste.

In addition to the excellent mechanical qualities achieved, the hull weight is kept under control, which in turns means optimal boat speeds.

This success illustrates the capacity to innovate that H2X boasts, and its ability to integrate new technologies into its production process. The major investments made over the last few months, in particular in high-tech, state-of-the-art production facility, put the company in a position to meet the high market demand for larger and higher-performances yachts.



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