Hamilton Island Superyacht Series

Motor and sailing superyachts are invited to compete in the inaugural Hamilton Island Superyacht Series which will be staged between November 9 and 14, 2008 on courses around some of the most beautiful Great Barrier Reef islands Australia has to offer.

Hosted by the Great Barrier Reef Yacht Club, this annual Series will be of the highest international standard both on the water and on shore. The competition will see a uniquely entertaining and challenging contest for motor and sailing yachts. The motor yachts will experience a world-first tournament that will involve all those aboard – the owner/charterer, guests and the entire crew. At the same time the sailing vessels will compete over specially designed courses which, while testing sailing skills, will not be punishing. Back on shore there will be a grand social agenda that will be Australian in essence and world-class in presentation.

The concept for the series, and the venue, have already received high praise from internationally acclaimed superyacht journalist and photographer, Roger Lean-Vercoe, from England. After a recent visit to the island he said: “Hamilton Island is the perfect location for such an event as it is located in the middle of one of the world’s truly great warm water cruising grounds, one where you will find reliable winds, a safe harbour, fantastic scenery, and great on-shore facilities. Until now there’s been no annual superyacht regatta in the Southern Hemisphere and I must say this one has everything going for it. The fact that this series will provide some challenging sailing - without too much emphasis on windward work - as well as a fun competition for motor yachts, and will also incorporate a first class social programme, makes it very appealing.”

Both motor and sailing superyachts will be eligible to participate over six days, four days of which will be devoted to actual competition. All category winners will be recognised on the magnificent ‘Hamilton Island Superyacht Series Trophy’.

Hamilton Island is the pivotal point of an orb of 74 verdant and idyllic tropical islands, 68 of which are uninhabited. The magnificent pattern they form extends for just 40 nautical miles across the Coral Sea in an area that is inside one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the vibrant and colourful Great Barrier Reef.

Hamilton Island, which boasts its own commercial jet airport that has access to all Australian capital cities, offers the widest possible range of resort accommodation, from hotels and private residences through to the pièce de résistance, Australia’s newest private luxury resort, qualia.

The timing of the Hamilton Island Superyacht Series 2008 will allow competing vessels ample time to comfortably cruise to Sydney to see one of the world’s most amazing New Years Eve celebrations and fireworks displays.

Also, any yacht owner wanting to refit their vessel at this time will be able to utilise the excellent superyacht industry facilities that are now available in Australia.

International yacht transport specialist, Dockwise, has two voyages scheduled for next year which can deliver European and American superyachts to Australia for the regatta.



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