Hands Om Crew launches massage therapist and yoga instructor crew agency

Hands Om Crew introduces an entirely new concept to the yacht crew placement market. By developing a next generation staffing agency committed to bringing the healing arts into the luxury yacht market and private homes, Hands Om Crew has sought out to fill an industry void.

Although there are several reputable crew placement agencies working with the mega yachts today, Hands Om Crew has formulated a new system that focuses on the details. Like many job sites out there, many of the crew agencies serve as a platform to upload resumes and seek out the basic positions on a yacht such as Captain, Stewardess and Chef. Part of the Hands OM Crew formula is establishing a personal relationship with each of its crew members and yachts. The agency acclimates highly skilled massage therapist and yoga instructors into yachting life with personal mentoring.

Hands OM Crew was founded by Denise Dobbs after she had retired from ten years of service in the yachting industry as a stewardess/massage therapist. Afterwards she opted to combine her yachting experience with being a licensed massage therapist and yoga practitioner. Her vision has transformed into an agency that accurately assesses the goals of clients and professional practitioners to create a perfect match in either the private home or yacht.

Dobbs explains, โ€œCrew members on a path to health and wellbeing are a valuable asset to any team. While many discerning yacht owners and charter clients are becoming more in tuned to the benefits of yoga and massage therapy, there are increasing demands for spa rejuvenation type cruises. In addition to meeting guest demands, Yoga and Massages can also aid to improving morale for crew who live in tight and sometimes stressful quarters.โ€

The yoga crew agency has a growing database of qualified massage therapists and yoga instructors from across the globe. Each candidate undergoes a three step interviewing process where they are required to give a personal massage and/or yoga class to assess their talents. Dobbs has developed the infrastructure to appropriately match both free lance and permanent practitioners with clients based on their personal skill sets, desires for travel and other specific criteria.

Hands Om Crew helps the yachts deliver premium services to charter clients who are expecting more amenities and perks each year. Denise Dobbs and her expert team train their practitioners in a variety of styles and techniques so that they are able to provide the latest trends and personalized service for its affluent clientele.

For more information about bringing a Hands Om Crew member on board your yacht or if you are seeking to become a Hands Om Crew practitioner please call +1 954-815-1397 or visit http://www.handsomcrew.com



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