Harken supplies Nazenin V hydraulics, winches and deck hardware

Harken has supplied the 52-meter Sparkman & Stephens designed flybridge ketch, Nazenin V with a wide range of equipment, featuring significant new product offerings from Harken. Built, and fitted at RMK Yachts in Tuzla, Turkey, this aluminum Megayacht is one of the highest quality yachts to come out of Turkey. Harken has worked with RMK and Sparkman & Stephens to fit the yacht with one of Harken’s first megayacht powered hydraulic systems. The yacht is also controlled by a complete Harken deck package, featuring stainless and chrome winches, and over 50 pieces of custom made stainless steel deck hardware.

The Nazenin V custom hydraulic power system allows the crew to easily control all hydraulic functions and sail controls, including, backstay, outhaul, boom vang, furling and winch systems with push button control and simplicity. The versatile hydraulic power system on Nazenin V also includes PTO (power take off) pumps, valve manifolds, and electrical control systems. The system is easy to maintain and service, with preventative maintenance programs available.

“Our team worked closely with our colleagues at Sparkman & Stephens and RMK throughout this collaborative project that helped Harken properly enter the megayacht sector," explained Peter Harken.” We never take a project like this lightly, and coming in as the newcomers on in the hydraulics field for such a yacht, we have worked tirelessly to make sure everything is right. We appreciate the importance of this yacht as an entry for us into the hydraulics world,” explained Harken.

Nazenin V features four different types of winches. Two stainless steel B1135’s are used as halyard and utility winches. Two stainless steel B1150’s are used for moorings and MPS Sheet winches and two stainless steel B990’s are used at the mizzenmast base. All three types of winches come standard with three speeds. The B1150 also features a backwind option, used for relieving high loads before releasing lines.

Two B60’s are used as forward utility winches on Nazenin V, these two speed electric winches have been supplied in all chrome with custom-made stainless steel risers. All of Nazenin V’s winches are hydraulically driven by the boat’s central hydraulic system. They operate using waterproof switches, and a locking handle can be inserted when the winch is not under load and will automatically disconnect the electric motor gearbox.

Captive Reel Winches
Nazenin V is equipped with three types of Captive Reel winches. The CR50, CR40 and CR33 are all hydraulically powered winches comprised of Brevini hydraulic industrial class auto change two speed motors, automatic fail safe break and an epicyclic industrial class gearbox. Gearboxes fit with in the 316 stainless winch drums.

Nazenin V uses CR50’s for her Genoa sheets, and each as a maximum working load of 15,000kgs. CR40 has a maximum working load of 10,000kgs and is used on the staysail, mainsheet, main halyard, and main checkstays. The CR33’s are used on the runner foreguys as well as mizzen sheets, and mizzen halyard.

Deck Hardware
Harken has supplied Nazenin V with 58 individual pieces of stainless steel deck hardware, weighing a mere 681kg (1500lbs). Blocks on the Nazenin V were designed and laid out to handle the loads of the captive reel winches.

Many blocks, like the thru-deck turning blocks of the staysail sheets, have safe working loads of 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs). All stainless blocks feature sheaves made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, that are Teflon impregnated and Hardkote anodized.

A composite bearing system handles the primary load of the block, while Torlon ball bearings handle side loads.



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