Harris, Grant Associates launch Latitude

Harris, Grant Associates, UK based specialists in the integration of entertainment, control, communication, IT & security systems for superyacht new-builds and refits, are pleased to announce the launch of their latest system development: “Latitude”

“Latitude” utilises the high speed VSat Internet connectivity onboard to deliver a high quality full screen video and audio stream from anywhere in the world, regardless of the yachtʼs location. The system has been designed to offer superyacht ownerʼs the reassurance of access to their preferred local television channels in the event that their yacht is out of range from the satellite footprint. Unlike more conventional streaming solutions, “Latitude” is not a computer reliant system but is a standalone solution which provides full screen resolution even on a 50” plasma display.

The system is connected to a specified television receiver box which is located at the Ownerʼs preferred choice of on-shore venue, for example, in one of the Ownerʼs residences or office locations. When required, the yacht connects to the remote location using either a simple remote control or via their existing Crestron or AMX control system. Once connected, a full screen picture will be displayed on their designated onboard display including full remote control functionality.

Receivers include satellite receivers such as UK Sky, USA Direct TV and Caribbean SAT or TIVO and Cable TV boxes.

Video is streamed directly to the yacht using an MPEG4 stream. This is received on the vessel by a dedicated MPEG decoder unit enabling either a conventional video output or HDMI. This output can be connected directly to a single designated screen or directly to the boat wide distribution system to provide access to all the screens onboard as required.

Multiple transmission locations can be established allowing access to various “local” television channels from around the world. With receiver and encoder units located in selected venues in for example, the UK and in the USA , the system can then provide a UK Sky TV feed and a Direct TV feed from the USA. The vessel can then select which feed it receives and controls it as required. To ensure compliance with the Broadcasting Authorities regarding retransmission of TV, the system is for private use only and can only support one stream at a time.

Nick Cranston, Technical Director, comments: “Our system is not intended to replace dedicated satellite receivers onboard, but is designed to provide enhanced television reception when the yacht is not in the footprint of a satellite. Latitude delivers full screen resolution of the Ownerʼs preferred local television channels independent of the quality of satellite reception onboard. The system ensures that the yacht is always able to access and broadcast the Ownerʼs programme of choice regardless of the vesselʼs location.”

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