Harris, Grant Associates launch LED Colour Change Lighting Control Systems

Following the successful launch of their range of lighting control systems at Dubai Boat Show earlier this year, Harris, Grant Associates have introduced complete colour change control for Tri- Colour LED Lights using the iPod Touch and iPhone.

“We have been working closely with specialist lighting companies to develop a control function that enables full colour change flexibility using LED lights. From one control device, we can now not only offer customised mood settings but also colour tone settings and options. These control systems enhance the multi functionality of areas as well as allowing owners extensive variety in selecting colour tones to change the mood and atmosphere.” comments Sarah Flavell, Business Development Manager.

Harris, Grant Associates design, programme and install control systems which offer the end user a customised lighting system. Control devices can be in the form of wall mounted switches and / or wireless control devices such as an iPod Touch or iPhone and the systems offer the following functions:

• Customised control settings by area
• Timed lighting management with energy saving benefits
• Control via wall mounted switches and / or wireless devices
• Decentralised system
• Mood lighting
• Colour change control (subject to light fittings)
• For use with Halogen or LED Lights
• Dimming control
• Control boat-wide as well as area by area

The Harris, Grant lighting control systems can be installed as a stand alone control platform or as part of a boat wide control system for entertainment, climate control, blind and shutter control and security and can be retro-fitted to provide an interface for various existing control systems. Harris, Grant are part of the KNX Association and our engineers are trained EIB installers: EIB is an open platform standard based on a decentralised system.

Harris, Grant Associates
Sarah Flavell
+44 7786 913715
[email protected]



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