Heavy duty superyacht tender by Ivan Erdevicki

The Erdevicki product line-up has been recently been extended to include a high class, heavy duty Superyacht Tender. The ER30- ST (Super Tender) is a 30ft all aluminium boat designed and built to meet the most extreme weather conditions.

Being a whole class above your regular RIB runabout, the boat meets the stringent Lloyd’s standards for special service craft – categories G2 to G5 depending on loading and performance conditions. It also fully complies with the ISO standards Design categories B and C. This means the tender would float even if you cut it in half.

The boat is designed to be self-righting in case of unexpected 180 degrees rollover due to extreme weather conditions, and sports exceptional safety features as the all aluminium hull has 14 watertight compartments, Polyurethane inflatable bladder for the gentlest of docking to any superyacht, a separate 200 gal aluminium fuel tank, four larger storage compartments and a special new and innovative “Shockwave” ICE Console (Integrated Control Environment). The console and seats are integrated as one unit suspended off the deck with a superior shock and vibration dampening. Since the dashboard with electronics and controls moves together with seats in rough sea conditions, it is easier to see and operate controls which are ergonomically positioned on the control panel.

Two 250 hp outboard engines will propel this boat to over 40 knots even when fully loaded.

The ER30-ST tender is offered directly through Erdevicky Superyacht Design and built in USA and Canada to the highest standards of boatbuilding, safety and reliability. The finish and the level of comfort can be specified by a customer depending upon his preference.

Ivan Erdevicki
+382 69 224 736
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