Heesen Yachts expands production capacity with an ultra modern hall

With the coming into operation of Hall 6 at the beginning of 2005, Heesen Yachts has achieved an unequivocal expansion of production capacity. The hall has been built according to the very latest technical and architectural insights and, as such, is unique in the European shipbuilding industry.

The hall measures 90 metres in length, is 30 metres wide, 17 metres high and fully equipped for the construction of Heesen Yacht hulls. Two hulls can be produced simultaneously. Finishing takes place in one of the yard’s other five halls.

Operating conditions are optimal for both the workforce and the products. The hall has been fitted, for instance, with the most modern production facilities and equipment. Equipped with perfect climate and air quality control installations, the hall is streets ahead of the most up to date legislation in the area of safety and the environment.

Hall 6 enables Heesen Yacht’s highly qualified and certified personnel to work under optimal conditions on a high quality product without peer in the world. In carrying out this work, they are not exposed to the elements but operate, rather, in a hall of considerable dimensions with an abundance of light and space, and with the most modern equipment and tools within easy reach.



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