Video: Heesen's YachtTalk show programme

Written by Laura Nicholls

Since Heesen announced the first episode of its new talk show YachtTalk in October, SuperYacht Times – and many others – have tuned in. The new talk show aims to give the industry a new platform to help discuss current topics in the yachting world and so, to broaden its reach, each episode is shared below. Heesen YachtTalk show Photo: Tom van Oossanen

Episode One

The first episode brought together Erik Floor, industry expert and author of the annual SYBAss Economic Report, Mark van Drieberge of Hypsos, Fraser CFO Alessandra Nenci and Heesen’s CEO, Arthur Brouwer. In the show, Heesen and Fraser’s European team confirmed it will not be attending the upcoming FLIBS and the panel mentioned that yacht show’s will “never be the same again”. Superyacht industry growth and the status of the world’s high-net-worth individuals were also discussed, as market activity is appearing positively “renewed”.  The panel shared ways in which their companies were overcoming challenges and thinking more creatively about their marketing during the pandemic.

Episode Two: Dutch Design

In the second episode of YachtTalk, top designers from the Netherlands – a country renowned for its yacht, car and interior designs –  talk about design trends, working for demanding clients and explore what the superyacht of tomorrow might look like.

Episode Three: Sustainable Yachting

Here, the panel home in on efficiency-increasing technology and innovative propulsion systems and explain how the industry can set the course to a future with zero emissions and a carbon-neutral footprint. 

Episode Four: Tenders
The superyacht tender is now not only an indispensable tool but a coveted design toy. Owners now spend a fortune on custom miniature versions of their superyachts as well as larger chase and day boats. Guests Stefan Zucker, founder of Zucker & Partner, Dries Wajer of Wajer Yachts and Ernest Menten, founder of Tenderworks have come together to discuss this interesting sector of the industry. 

Episode Five: The future of yacht building
Will 3D printing change the way we build superyachts forever? Can robotics replace human craftsmanship and dramatically safe time and costs?  And will we ever be able to produce superyachts in a completely sustainable way? 

Episode Six: Welcome to toyland!
Here the panel discusses the coolest new gadgets, sustainability and customisation in superyacht "toyland". Also, what are the challenges faced by crew in terms of correctly storing, maintaining and using water toys? And what is it like to own a submarine?

Episode Seven: Life on board
The perfect superyacht is nothing without a great crew. But what does it take to create the ultimate service experience for the owner and guests? Discover how diversity is key to a more effective crew, as well as other golden rules for a crew to run like clockwork and deal with conflict effectively. 

Visit Heesen's YachtTalk website here for more information on the next episode.



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