Heinen en Hopman opens servicepoint in France

Since Heinen & Hopman Engineering B.V. has been getting many enquiries over the last few years for service and maintenance of the HVAC installations onboard of yachts at different locations on the Cรดte d'Azur, Heinen & Hopman have decided to set up a service point, called Heinen & Hopman France.

Heinen & Hopman France offers all all yacht- and megayacht owners and/or shipyards in this area, last minute, on-site support & maintenance as well as a variety of service and after-sales programs for all air-conditioning, central heating, mechanical ventilation, sanitary, cooling and environmental systems onboard at any time of the year.

The company commented โ€œWe are very happy to announce that this service point is now available. This way we are able to provide yacht owners with a quick and efficient on-location solution for any problem they may encounter.โ€

Heinen & Hopman
+31 (0) 33 299 2500
[email protected]



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