Heinen & Hopman going green

The Netherlands based company Heinen & Hopman have been in business since 1965, but never has it been more important than right now to pay attention to sustainability and the environment. The company have fully recognised this, and as a result devote a substantial amount of time and effort to ensuring that Heinen & Hopman are doing everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as helping clients to easily reduce theirs, too.

The company specialise in providing quality and service in air conditioning, ventilation, central heating, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation, and, to date, have supplied over 10,000 vessels worldwide. The focus of their business is improving living conditions on board boats. With the introduction of their recent ‘Green Manifesto’, however, solutions to living condition improvements are now more innovative than ever. Now, their line of eco-logic products and systems gives customers the easy and simple option to lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The company states, “Our Green Manifesto does not just describe our view on sustainability and its importance to the company. It also aims to increase awareness within our industry of the importance of being ‘green’. With this in mind, we have also created a logo which can be found on our sustainable products and systems and relevant information materials. This helps increase awareness of how we are investing in improving our services for a better and more efficient tomorrow.”

This innovation is also evident in the day-today running of the business. Geothermal energy is used for the Heinen & Hopman main office building, they efficiently recycle, video conferencing is deployed to avoid unnecessary travel, and service and company cars are even being replaced by electric ones when possible.

Examples of eco-friendly solutions available to clients include:
• Recycling cooling water and/or energy
• Choosing the best type of compressor, drives, etc.
• Smart design of onboard HVAC spaces
• Efficient ventilation solutions
• Savings on operating/maintenance costs
• Integrated design and building solutions
• Choice of products used in their workshop and systems, including paint and coolant

Using specific chillers, is another practical example of Heinen & Hopman's Green System, as the company explains: "To supply our equipment with chilled water we often use Turbocor oil-free chillers. This is the best green choice for our clients and reflects the importance attached to environmentally friendly products at Heinen & Hopman."

With a determination to achieve ongoing innovation and the introduction of their 'Green Manifesto', Heinen & Hopman prove themselves dedicated to the sustainable environment of the future.

By Gemma Fottles



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