Hoek designed J-Class under construction at HJB

This latest addition to the J-class revival is set to rewrite the books in terms of performance according to a special software program devised by Hoek Design that compared all the J designs from the 1930s. It calculated that J8 was the best performing overall, with the smallest wetted surface and highest keel aspect ratio as well as longest LWL.

"When Frank Paine originally drew this vessel in 1935 he was prepared to take a sail area or displacement penalty in order to gain the extra length required," explains Andre Hoek. "In optimising the design for the modern handicap rules of the JCA, we paid enormous attention to J8's stiffness to weight ratio and lightweight aluminium hull. Taking all our experiences into the equation too, I think it is safe to say that J8 will be spectacular in every sense."

"Having worked with Gerry Dijkstra on Rainbow, it is an honour for us as a yard to now partner with the other great J-class designer of the modern era," adds Tako van Ineveld, commercial director of Holland Jachtbouw. "It will also be an incredible moment in maritime history when J8 is launched. In many ways she will be the second Yankee, having inherited all the lessons Frank Paine learned from his earlier success with that famous J-class boat from 1930. Unfortunately, his final J design had never seen the light of day until now... And everyone at Holland Jachtbouw is committed to doing justice to J8's unique pedigree."



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