Holland Jachtbouw speaks about PJ Partnership

Following the news of U.S. shipbuilder Palmer Johnson acquiring the Netherlands based facilities Holland Jachtbouw, SuperYacht Times’ Merijn de Waard spoke exclusively to Managing Director of Holland Jachtbouw, Roeland Franssens, at the Monaco Yacht Show today, who defines aspects of the deal currently under negotiation and what this means for the iconic Dutch brand.

Clarifying that Holland Jachtbouw is very much open for business, Franssens tells SYT that negotiations with Palmer Johnson are a tool for the company to develop into different markets. The brands will utilise the renowned skills and expertise on each side in order to mutually benefit overall business. In regards to Holland Jachtbouw, this means learning from Palmer Johnson’s expertise in carbon fibre motor yachts.

Franssen explains, “In the last two years there has been changes in the company, just as there has been changes in the market. We’re now looking into different markets than what we are typically known for, the more traditional type of yachts. We’re trying to bring in new customers, and we may be starting up a new line of motor yachts.”

In addition to the potential development of Holland Jachtbouw motor yachts, the brand has also invested research and development over the past year into carbon composite vessels of both sailing and motor yachts, with the plan to take superyacht construction into a new carbon composite era.

The deal with Palmer Johnson will benefit Holland Jachtbouw’s plans for development in the future, and is a direct result of the past year of time and research, as Franssen defines in more detail. “After exploring this for more than a year, we came in touch with Palmer Johnson. Palmer Johnson is known for ultra modern carbon fibre constructions, with radical designs and very attractive vessels. They are fully in line with our strategy with moving forward. There was an opportunity with Palmer Johnson to pull in a high profile name with a high profile product, and make the best of both worlds.”

With brand new facilities completed this year which will be able to house constructions of up to 60 metres, Palmer Johnson will complete a 48 metre hull at Holland Jachtbouw, and once completed, it appears the mutually beneficial relationship between the two brands will continue. Franssens concludes, “We have the facility, we’ve expanded the facility, and we’ve prepared it for the new future of Holland Jachtbouw. Palmer Johnson intends to bring in the next 48 metre project to our facilities in the near future.”

Palmer Johnson and Holland Jachtbouw are both currently present at the Monaco Yacht Show, which will draw to a close on the 26th September.

By Gemma Fottles



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