Hong Seh Marine's Edward Tan's views on boating in Singapore

Yesterday, I met with Edward Tan, executive director of Hong Seh Marine, on board the Riva 75, one of the brands for which Hong Seh Marine hold the dealership in Singapore. I asked him about his experiences with the Singapore Yacht Show so far.

"We we are here in this show, with our three brands, Riva, Cranchi and Viking. Boating in Singapore is still relatively new, especially for the smaller boats. The superyacht guys already know what boating is, they have been doing it all over the world, from the Med to the Caribbean, to the Hamptons, you name it. But what we want to get out of this show, it to get the message across to the masses, those living in Singapore, to experience what this boating concept is all about. You see, Singapore is ideal, we are an island, in a sheltered area. Yet so many people don't know yet how to use the water to have fun. I would really like to see more people being able to understand, and appreciate boating, and using our water responsibly, within our area"

Edward Tan continues ”Here in Singapore, everyone knows about commercial boating, supertankers, cargoships, but hey, thats work! That isn't pleasure. We want to get people to take some time after work, get on the water, and spend some quality time with friends and family. That to me is what boating is all about, and that is the message we try to bring across to visitors here at the Singapore Yacht Show”.

"So far, we had some good traffic here, we have seen old friends, and new friends, and overall it’s been great. The show organizers have done a fantastic job getting the show to this location, and I wish them a lot of continued success".

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Photo by SuperYachtTimes.com



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