Horizon decides to establish direct sales and service office in Europe

Horizon, the only one SYBAss member coming from Far East, is a well known Taiwan-based yacht builder as well as one of the world’s top 10 megayacht builder. In the last ten more years, Drettmann was the sole dealer of Horizon in Europe to provide the Horizon-built yachts in brands of Elegance, Bandido and Premier.

After the bankruptcy of Drettmann in May 2010, Horizon decides to set up its own sales and service office in Europe to establish the close relationship with it's clients and provide the best yacht specialty and direct service to every individual Horizon yacht owner.

Horizon regards it as a sincere and firm commitment to Horizon’s owners. Above all, in order to create the strong brand image, Horizon determines to use the only one global brand name – Horizon to promote and market yachts in Europe.

Horizon’s new plans include:
To complete the orders that the ex-dealer was incapable to fulfill because of its bankruptcy.
To set up Horizon Yacht Europe office to provide the direct service to its individual boat owners.
To fulfill the responsibility of SYBAss member to share Horizon’s experience and intelligence in building superyachts.
To develop the green yachts with green concepts, solar energy, and any new technology and materials which are helpful to environmental protection.
To expand its model line by developing new model projects – from 54-feet up to 110-feet within the next two years.
To attend all major boat shows for high exposure of Horizon.

A leading yacht builder in Asia with global high reputation for over two decades, to date, Horizon has delivered more than 730 luxury yachts including at least 110 megayachts longer than 80 feet to owners around the world. Horizon is confident to continue being a player on the field of world-class yacht builders. And now, with only one strong name brand, Horizon moves forward with a solid commitment to the future, and it’s not just for Europe, but for over the world.

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