Hull Vane introduce fuel saving foil

The Netherlands based company Hull Vane B.V. has introduced Hull Vane, a foil which significantly reduces the fuel consumption of ships.

The innovative creation works with an upward flow at the stern of the vessel which allows the foil-shaped appendage to generate a forward thrust force, reducing the resistance of the vessel. The Hull Vane also reduces the running trim and the stern wave generated by the ship. Furthermore, it also dampens the pitch and heave motions in waves, reducing the added resistance caused by ship motions.

Sea trial comparison tests of a 55 metre Fast Supply Intervention Vessel with and without Hull Vane confirmed what was earlier found in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations: a reduction in required shaft power ranging from 10% at 12 knots to 15% at 21 knots for this application.

The Hull Vane will be suitable for a wide range of vessels, including ferries, passenger ships, container vessels, multi-purpose vessels, ro-ro ships, naval vessels, and motor yachts. The reduction in fuel consumption depends on the ship’s length, speed, and hull shape, however, proven fuel savings range from 5%-15% on commercial and naval ships.

After 12 years of development, including CFD calculations, model testing and full scale sea trials, the fuel saving foil of Hull Vane will be introduced to the marine industry at the SMM 2014 in Hamburg in September, where a 4 metre replica of the fuel saving device will be unveiled.

By Gemma Fottles



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