Transform your superyacht with Hydromar’s Seascape bathing platform

Written by Dante Della Gatta

Hydraulic bathing platforms are essential onboard superyachts - they allow guests the ability to swim in the ocean with ease and comfort when at anchor. However, customers are increasingly faced with a plethora of choice when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Here are five reasons why Hydromar’s Seascape bathing platform is the perfect product to transform your superyacht. Hyrdomar SeascapePhoto: Hydromar Marine Equipment1| Safety
If your yacht vacation includes balmy weather and an inviting ocean, then you know how tempting it can be to want to hop in for a swim. The Seascape bathing platform by Hydromar is built with high-quality materials and is the product of more than 30 years of expertise - so you can rest easy and swim for hours with a secure platform within easy reach.

 2| Functionality 
Hydromar’s Seascape range gives owners total control over their platform. While not in use, the platform sits flush with the deck completely out of sight.  Once extended, owners are able to determine how deep they would like to submerge the platform - all from the touch of a button.

3| Easily Maintained
The Seascape platform can be ordered and installed aboard a range of new and existing yachts. Through the use of an integrated breaking mechanism, Seascape platforms are better equipped to deal with critical loads from rough seas. This mechanism enables the crew to repair the bathing platform without having to see drydock, which means more days spent soaking up the sun.    

4| Family friendly 
If you have a family, then you know the added value of quality family time while at sea in a safe environment. Hydromar’s Seascape bathing platforms are great for those looking to better enjoy the sea around them without having to worry about where to swim and struggling to get back onboard. 

5| The perfect fit
With four size options, Hydromar’s Seascape platform is the perfect fit, no matter the size of your superyacht. 

Are you interested in having a high quality, stable, and aesthetically pleasing Seascape bathing platform installed onboard your superyacht? Contact Hydromar Marine Equipment using the contact details provided below.



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