Icon Yachts’ Quality Control System awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

Paul Manting, Sales & Marketing Director, reports that this month Icon Yachts was inspected by an Auditor from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance who spent a complete day touring the yard and was extremely impressed with what he saw (“as all of our guests have been!”) and the levels of organization, summed up in his conclusion.

Wim Koersvelt, CEO – who has a reputation in the industry for an almost obsessive attention to quality and efficiency – was one of the first to achieve ISO 9001 certification for yacht construction project management, supervision and control. “The visit was to verify whether we would already fulfil the renewed demands of the ISO 9001 version as well as the yearly Audit to verify whether the complete company is working according to our Quality Control System” states Koersvelt.

The Auditor’s Conclusion:
Given the objective of the company, supervising the series production of luxury yachts in the top segment, the process of continuous improvement and corrective and preventive measures in particular is being hailed. It is a living system. It is worth noting that the company in a relatively short time (4 years) has developed a fully-grown system. Given the growth that the organization has made, the presence of such a system is a must which the company has acknowledged. (…) Customer satisfaction can be retrieved from correspondence between the company and (representatives of) clients and/or future clients. It can be concluded that clients are satisfied.”

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