ICON Yachts’ underway with its 70m superyacht conversion Project Master

ICON Yachts’ latest conversion project, the 70-metre Project Master, arrived at the shipyard’s drydock facility in Harlingen earlier last month. We caught up with the yard to find out more about the progress of this major conversion project, and to learn more about its position in the market since the launch of Ragnar in 2020. Project Master yacht rendersProject Master will follow in the wake of an earlier conversion project; she’s another Offshore Rescue and Support Vessel that’ll be converted into a global world explorer. Rather than being driven by passion – as superyacht conversions usually are – ICON Yachts is responding to market demands and capitalising on its expertise to deliver conversion projects which follow the same design directive. Ocean Ness yacht refit to Project Master yachtICON Yachts opted for a 66-metre Offshore Supply vessel built by Kleven Werft in 2001 for the platform of Project Master. They presented a number of possibilities for their client, but this Kleven-build was best suited to his needs: a world cruiser that’s family-orientated and suitable for charter. Project Master has been designed by Espen Øino InternationalOcean Ness yacht before refitPhoto: Guy FleuryOcean Ness yacht before refitPhoto: Guy FleuryAs ICON Yachts sources new platforms, the shipyard is able to repurpose a great amount of the original vessel. This obviously is positive on the environmental front, but it also reduces lead time for the client and overcomes the great supply chain hurdle. As much as 80 percent of the vessel will be upcycled, a similar amount as occurred with Ragnar. This allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art explorer without putting a huge drain on raw material resources. Ocean Ness yacht before refitPhoto: Guy FleuryProject Master will offer accommodation for as many as 12 guests across six well-appointed staterooms, comprising two VIPs, three twins and a sublime 135 square-metre owner’s area. The owner’s area has additional privacy as it’s located three decks above the guest area, and boasts 135 square-metres of space. The suite will be fitted with a sleeping area, an office, a lounge and a private terrace.Ocean Ness yacht before refitPhoto: Guy FleuryAs Project Master is destined for a life of luxurious worldwide exploration, ICON Yachts ensured that her platform had plenty of space to carry all the necessary equipment and tenders. Project Master will offer more than 800 square-metres of exterior space, and plenty of room for an arsenal of tenders, submarines and gear. ICON Yachts will also furnish the platform with a fully certified helicopter deck.Project Master in-build

There are a number of shipyards commissioned for refit projects, but more often than not their clients are looking for a classic platform to be converted into a bespoke one-off project, Tony Gale CEO of ICON Yachts, explained. “We are, of course, a Dutch superyacht builder, so we bring a totally different set of skills and expertise than the commercial sector – skills that perfectly align us with our new vision to become a leading conversion specialist.”Ocean Ness yacht before refitPhoto: Guy FleuryICON Yachts has positioned itself between the commercial and superyacht sector; it draws its platforms from the former and develops them according to the demands of the latter. “We’ve developed a strong expertise from past projects and know where to source the best possible platforms for our clients,” Gale saidProject Master in-buildAs luck would have it for ICON, the conversations it was having for another conversion project also steered them to Norway and Kleven Werft. ICON will be working on the third conversion from this ‘series’ pretty much unilaterally with Project Master. Even though there is a great synergy between these converted research vessels, ICON has ensured that each delivers a unique character and charm – at the end of the day, these are fully-custom projects. Project Master yacht rendersProject Master is now in ICON Yachts’ drydock facility as it enters the next stage of conversion. The second 70-metre platform is at the yard in Harlingen, the Netherlands, and ICON will start working on this project imminently.  

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