Imaginocean Yacht Design's SUV-11 tender

Imaginocean Yacht Design (IYD) has released details of a new tender designs, the 11 metre Superyacht Tender SUV-11.

With the SUV-11, IYD has taken the concept of a multi-purpose hardtop superyacht tender and developed it further. The primary objective was to provide a comfortable, sheltered environment for guests in a tender that is easy get on and off. To that end, the vessel features an asymmetric deck layout, allowing guests to access the bow without having to negotiate steps or narrow, exposed side decks. The bow folds down to form a passerelle, along with the possibility of side access via a gate in the topsides, plus the broad boarding platform at the stern.

The SUV-11 features a parallel hybrid propulsion system in the form of compact electric motors located between the diesel engines and sterndrives. These provide silent low-speed operation, allowing the tender to come and go without disturbing other guests. Range is extended by the translucent solar panel array which forms most of the cabin roof. The design allows for the inclusion of a day-head and/or a small galley, allowing the boat to be used as a practical day boat and not simply a means of getting to and from shore.

By Gemma Fottles



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