IMED superyacht future shining bright

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Superyacht control panel and electrical design experts, IMED, will presented a 2.0 version of their innovative dimmer to the market at the recent METSRADE in Amsterdam. The dimmer has been used by the company within its electrical applications and, due to demand by customers, is now available as a stand-alone product.

The new and improved IMED LED Dimmer is now available offering additional features; including the ability to fade in and out with smoother transitions, and is stackable for larger, varying loads. The dimmers can be set to match the minimum light intensities of different equipment, while all the popular existing features like low-level light and feedback contact from the previous model have remained.

The dimmer was created to enable crew to better control lighting levels across control panels, decking and interiors and prevents over-bright LED lights, while setting a new standard for smooth, soft lighting transitions. In addition, night navigation becomes safer with the ability to find an ideal low level of light for the highest level of exterior visibility.

This single LED Dimmer module can be configured on-site for many options, including separate up/down buttons, on/off control disable and slave unit with trim to match the light output.

The dimmer options and function settings were designed in-house based on the needs and complaints of superyacht crew and company director, David Chalmers, draws on his experience as a former superyacht engineer to create products which actively solve problems onboard.

With a key focus on quality assurance, all IMED LED Dimmers are individually hand-tested in New Zealand by a member of the IMED team.

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