Ims Shipyard will open Ims 700 site in December

The largest yacht repair shipyard in the Mediterranean will open their Ims 700 site mid-December in the heart of Toulon bay. The project has been colossal, and will house up to 100 20-80 metre yachts at any one time all year round.

The shipyards restoration, repair and maintenance extension in Saint-Mandrier’s former naval air base in Toulon bay will make it possible to increase their capacity five fold, broadening the number of services they are able to offer. This is particularly relevant for yachts of up to 90 metres long, thanks to a water depth of up to ten metres.

The new shipyard will boast over 130,000 square metres of surface area, a figure that is substantially larger than existing shipyards. It will also offer a large private, protected maritime zone and gigantic sheds with a ceiling height of up to 15 metres for long term work and material storage, one of the most impressive set of tools on the Mediterranean coast.

The shipyard will also provide lifting equipment for up to 670 tonnes under full private management; 100 slots including 25 floating berths; water depth of up to 10 metres for large sailing yachts; long term mooring available for long term work in closed, covered boat sheds; a vast paint workshop; a vacuum system of waste water disposal from the boats; a private and secure site 24/24 and 7/7 including the maritime zone, and much more.

The site will be ready to receive its first boats soon, and reservations have already been completed.

By Gemma Fottles



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