Imtech involved in major refit former S-frigate into giga yacht

Recently Imtech Marine & Offshore (IM&O) celebrated a major and unique order received, concerning the conversion of a former Royal Netherlands Navy S-frigate to a super luxury Giga yacht (141 metres) in the United Arab Emirates. The order consists of a customer tailored renewal of the complete electrical, automation, navigation and communication installations and is a substantial addition to Imtechโ€™s Marine & Offshore orderportfolio.

The Swift 141 project concerns a major refit of a former S-class frigate from the Royal Netherlands Navy, ex Hr. Ms. Piet Heyn, (now F02 Al Emerat). This frigate was sold in the period 1997 โ€“1998 to the United Arab Emirates Navy. Since then The Dutch Industry has supported the UAE Navy with consultancy advice and mainly spare parts. In the past years there have been several surveys on board of the frigate in order to provide the UAE navy with a proposal to upgrade and modify this ship to current technical status and standards. Also there has been interest from several Navies to buy this ship. In the summer of this year Imtech Marine & Offshore and the owner representative decided to work together on converting the former Hr. Ms. Piet Heyn into a high quality Giga yacht with an overall size of about 141 meters. After concluding a ship survey, the contract was finalized and signed on 1 November 2007.

IM&O managing director Harry Siertsema comments:
"Of course we are very happy to have received this unique and substantial order. Being a system integrator and service provider for both naval and yachting markets and combining this specialized knowledge in an international setting, we think this project suits Imtech Marine & Offshore very well, as we are familiar with the specifics of this ship and can support the customer with a 'whole ship solution'. Due to the special character of this refit, it will be an inspiration and challenge to be part of this project. It also fits into our strategy of global support, because with several companies within our Maritime Group we have more than 60 own locations around the world to serv(ic)e the customer.

The scope of Imtech Marine & Offshore is an interesting combination of renewing and upgrading the switchgear and power distribution up to the complete delivery of Integrated Bridge System, Navigation & Communication Systems, Integrated Monitoring & Control Systems and the total electrical engineering of the complete cabling installation. In short: an order, perfectly in line with IM&Oโ€™s core worldwide activities. Imtech Marine & Offshore has established a special SWIFT 141 team to manage and execute this project. With this order IM&O confirms its ambition and its place among the top of leading technological companies in the maritime world.

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