Imtech Marine Group at Europort Maritime

At the upcoming Europort Maritime exhibition from 3 to 6 November two renowned companies; Radio Holland Netherlands and Imtech Marine & Offshore will present themselves under the Imtech Marine Group brand. The Imtech Marine Group stand is on the same location where Radio Holland Netherlands was located for many years, booth number 1.121 in Hall 1.

The stand will be filled with innovative eyecatchers, such as Innovative Bridge Systems, Energy & Drive technology, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Airco) system examples and Diesel Electric Propulsion to name a few. The Imtech Marine Group offers an extensive portfolio of maritime technology solutions.

Radio Holland: new technology on show
Radio Holland Netherlands will present a number of innovative bridge concepts for deepsea, workboats and yachting at Europort. Complete concepts of modern, advanced integrated technology on board of ships, for various applications. The state-of-the-art innovative yachting console, produced by DMP contains equipment placed under stylish glass, black foil and ‘carbon look’ panels, which makes this console a very special eye catcher. Also on show are new products, such as: the Falcon line, a new concept for inland shipping navigation equipment, the AIS combination of the Nauticast AIS transponder and Persikal Inland ECDIS viewer, the latest VSAT connectivity solutions and FLIR nightvision camera’s.

Imtech Marine & Offshore: full range of innovative technology
Imtech is specialized in system integration and offers a full range of technology, from automation solutions to energy & drive systems, integrated bridges, HVAC (Heating,Ventilation & Airconditiong) and electrical installations. On show at Europort are the latest development in drive technology, diesel electric propulsion, automation and HVAC. Focus of Imtech’s system design is always on the balance between performance, efficiency and sustainability. Saving energy is realized by the system design, but also by selecting the right settings for operation. Imtech helps its customers to realize this, for example by saving energy through supplying environmental friendly diesel electrical propulsion solutions.

Free Technics: flexible and easy-to-use system
Free Technicis is also part of the Imtech Marine Group as subisidiary of Imtech Marine & Offshore. Producer of FT NavVision®, which will also be on show in its latest updated version. It is a powerful modular conning, monitoring & control system for maritime applications featuring ease of control and use of touch-screen technology. FT NavVision® is a flexible and easy-to-use system that is one of the most reliable and easy to install systems for vessel-navigation and control.

Profile Imtech Marine Group
The Imtech Marine Group is an independent group of well established and renowned Imtech companies who are joining forces and cooperate to offer the marine industry a wide range of technical solutions. Imtech Marine Group’s mission is to be the sustainable, reliable, global and technical partner for professionals in the marine industry. The group offers tailor made, innovative solutions (systems and services) in automation, nav/com, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air condition), fire protection, energy and AV entertainment. The Imtech Marine Group includes renowned companies like, Radio Holland Group, Imtech Marine & Offshore, Imtech Schiffbau-/Dockbautechnik, Imtech Marine Germany, Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties and Royal Dirkzwager.

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