Imtech system integrator onboard Amels 6503

Imtech delightedly announced that it has received the order for Amels build number 6503, a 65 meter yacht, the third in the Limited Editions 212 series. Previously Imtech was also involved in the development of build number 6501 and 6502. Imtech will provide engineering, installation, system integration and commissioning for the switchgear and panels, lighting, alarm and monitoring system, fire detection system, cable trays and transits and the delivery of various components such as batteries and chargers, shore transformer, clean net converter, tank and bilge sensors.

Over the last decennia the complexity of yachts and the technology on board has increased. Therefore the need for a system integrator became vital. For a yard it is important to have a subcontractor taking the responsibility to interface and integrate all systems into a well designed platform. The aim is to deliver a yacht which is fully functional at all times, easy to operate, to service and to maintain.

Rob Luijendijk, Managing Director Amels, explains: “Following our successful cooperation with Imtech on the first and second AMELS 212, we like to continue our relationship on the third AMELS 212. To us, Imtech is a reliable partner who is very determined to work on for continuous improvement which results in world-class quality in superyacht building.”

Imtech Marine Group
+31 10 487 1911
[email protected]

Amels Holland B.V.
+ 31 118 485 002
[email protected]



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