In design: This year’s craziest concepts

Written by Charl van Rooy

Many outlandish superyacht concept designs come across our desks here at SuperYacht Times. From radical explorer yachts, mega sailing yachts, wave-piercing sped craft, and futuristic designs straight out of Star Trek, we have seen it all this year. The following is a selection of just some of the most memorable of the design concepts we covered over the past 12 months.

Top 10 Concept 2017

Ricardo Pilguj’s RP80 superyacht concept

From the creative mind of designer Ricardo Pilguj comes the new radical 80-metre superyacht concept named RP80. Pilguj was inspired by the automotive world and applied similar shapes and lines to the concept’s profile.

RP 80 - ConceptDiscover it here.

The 36m EGO catamaran

This 36-metre concept is inspired by the style of Italian sports cars and an informal way of living in luxury.

The 36m EGO catamaran - Concept
Discover it here.

Robert Curtò’s 101m Mauna Kea

The 101-metre expedition yacht has been designed with global exploration in mind and will accommodate up to 12 guests and a crew of 22 on board.
Robert Curtò’s 101m Mauna Kea - Concept
Discover it here.

The futuristic ERA 80 concept

Australian designer Ricky Smith teamed up with Stuart Friezer Naval Architects to create a bold futuristic superyacht concept straight from outer space.
ERA 80 - concept
Discover it here.

Satura Studio’s 48m Tuxedo concept

Headed by a young team of dynamic Italian designers, Satura Studio has released details about its new 48-metre motor yacht concept named Tuxedo. 

Satura Studio’s 48m Tuxedo - concept
Discover it here.

The 55m One Modern super sailor

Designed as a luxury cruising yacht, the gurus at Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design came up with a new sailing concept focussed on fusing cutting-edge performance with functional high-end features in a creative package.

RP sailing - Concept
Discover it here.

The 87m contemporary trimaran neWWave

Not presented as a feasible and developed platform, neWWave is rather a study on how possible future interior spaces could deliver yachts with vastly different exteriors than what we are accustomed to today.

87m contemporary trimaran neWWave - Concept
Discover it here.

The 90m Cosmos by Luiz DeBasto

The 90-metre project is ground-breaking in terms of glass used as a material to form the exterior of the yacht, with the pinnacle being a glass dome-shaped observation lounge on the upper deck.

The 90m Cosmos by Luiz DeBasto - Concept
Discover it here.

The ready-to-go MC155 trimaran

The advanced MC155 comes pre-engineered and developed and is ‘ready to commence production’ according to Design Unlimited.
MC155 trimaran - Concept
Discover it here.

Gill Schimd’s 90m polar explorer

Part of a new series of designs to be unveiled by New York studio Gill Schmid Design this year, in partnership with Cape Town based Tim Dempers Studio, is a new 90-metre polar-friendly explorer yacht concept.

Gill Schimd’s 90m polar explorer - ConceptDiscover it here.



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