Inflatable floating dock by Lancer Industries

Lancer Industries has just released more details on their revolutionary inflatable floating dock, the AiroDock. Originally made to serve as a temporary jetty or wharf for holiday houses, it has now been adapted for use as a seaplane walkway, house boat gangway and also as a beach to be used in behind superyachts.

The AiroDock has many benefits over a traditional temporary jetty; it is storable, moveable and manageable and can be customized in any shape and size and any fittings you like.

The AiroDock is New Zealand made by Lancer Industries Ltd, a company with over 35-years worth of experience in inflatable boat work, making boats for the US Coast Guard and many military applications.

The AiroDock was released early this year in New Zealand with great reviews and plenty of positivity. This lead Lancer Industries Ltd to take the AiroDock to Australia to release it where they were welcomed by the same response. Lancer’s Johny Winstone says it is now time to take this amazing new product worldwide.

Lancer Industries
Johny Winstone
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