Innovation jubilation at Vripack

As times are still bubbling and bursting, but now from a whole different order than last year, the Team at Vripack is focusing on what they believe is the only way out of the current mess: Innovation.

Reinventing the wheel
Basically we are reinventing every part of our business”, tells Marnix J. Hoekstra, Sales Director at Vripack. “From the designs themselves straight up to how we engineer them and provide the drawings to the shop floor. Our engineers are triggered to come up with smart new ventures that revolve around practicality, efficiency and responsibility.”

Smart ConstructionsTM
As Designers, Naval Architects and Engineers, Vripack is at the very beginning of the industries chain and believe they are uniquely positioned to support yards and colleagues alike. Their new Smart ConstructionsTM is just one of the many practical examples. By making use of an extremely high detail 3D engineering process that is executed by a simple production technique that is yet unknown to the yachting industry they are able to save hundreds of metal production hours. “Smart ConstructionsTM enables builders to pre-assemble units quicker and more accurate without having to learn new building techniques or buy new tools. Less production time, less fairing and painting and thus more cost effective yachts as well as yachts that hit the water quicker.”

Teach our children well
At the other side of the spectrum Vripack is continuing their support to the ScholarSHIPS of the University for Yacht Design and Engineering in Holland. “A concept unknown for the Dutch, yet so important for our industry. The school which a lot of my colleagues and I went to, stopped teaching some years ago and now they have started a new one again. This means that we are missing out on a generation of Dutch Naval Architects. We need to invest in training and schools for our kids since they are literally our future. At a whole different level the ScholarSHIPS are part of our innovation as well.”

Yes, the economy is bad, and no, cutting costs will not lead to a race to the top, but a race to the bottom. In our opinion this means you have to anticipate in emerging trends and customer needs. Because innovation is intrinsic in every Vripacker, we will stay ahead like we have always done since 1961.”

Marnix Hoekstra
+31 (0)515 436600
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