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When the 2010 Damen Yachting superyacht Umbra from Azure Naval Architects went into refit in 2020 – 2021 at Echo Yachts, the work included an impressive stern extension to accommodate a larger beach club. As part of this development, the owners sought out VEEM Marine for their expertise with gyrostabilisation to help reduce the roll of the extended vessel. Working closely with the client’s team and the yard, VEEM Marine specified a VG520SD gyrostabiliser and the hull extension provided the perfect location, permitting excellent access for routine maintenance and service.Umbra yacht at anchorPerth-based marine products manufacturer, VEEM Marine, has been delivering innovative products, like those now aboard Umbra, to the yachting industry for more than 50 years. Today, the company continues to deliver gyrostabilisation and propulsion products to some of the most experienced and prestigious builders in the industry. Through the success of its gyro installations, VEEM Marine is showing to their clients and the industry that departing from traditional stabilisation systems can bring rich rewards. 

Umbra has successfully completed her sea trials off the coast of Western Australia. VEEM Marine Global Commercial Manager, Brett Silich, said the completion of this contract represents another significant milestone in the growth of the company. Umbra yacht cruising“The Umbra sea trials marks the third successful installation of our VG520SD units, and the event is a major testament to the whole team in getting this product out to market and proven in such short order.”

“We are currently going through an exciting period of growth at VEEM Marine with the development of our next largest unit, the VG750SD. Targeted at larger superyachts, it will build on the success of the VG520SD. Having the largest global in-service fleet of gyrostabilisers in our vessel range means our products are always evolving to improve performance and reliability.” 

“The luxury yacht market is a key market for VEEM Marine as it has been with our propeller business. As such, we are building a dynamic team which will enable the company to manage the expected increase in demand for gyrostabilisers and ensure we have a more permanent presence of VEEM Marine staff in Europe to better serve our customers across the whole project lifecycle.”Umbra yacht at anchorIt is VEEM Marine’s modus operandi to deliver top level products which can be installed and developed in situ. With no external appendages, VEEM Marine gyrostabilisers afford their clients complete freedom as to where they choose to explore. 

Recognising that ongoing support is critical for the continued operational success of maritime equipment, VEEM Marine gyrostabilisers are fitted with remote monitoring and onboard telemetry to alert the shipowner, crew and VEEM technicians of any alarms or warnings that may require attention. Through remote monitoring, VEEM Marine are able to analyse the operations of their products and provide advice when it comes to extended service intervals or end of life rebuilds.Umbra yacht at anchorThis article was originally published in Issue 39 of The SuperYacht Times newspaper. To receive all future issues straight to your door, subscribe to the newspaper here.



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