Inside Baltic Yachts’ innovative 142 custom sloop

Written by Charl van Rooy

On track for delivery in 2019, Baltic Yachts is currently working its custom 142 sailing yacht project that is promising to push the boundaries in super sailing yacht construction and what is technically possible on these larger sailing vessels. Commissioned by an experienced yachtsman and repeat Baltic client, the vessel is equipped with several new technologies found in this special market segment.

Baltic 142 custom sloop 
Described as ‘one of the most advanced high-performance super-sailing yachts ever built’ by the Finnish shipyard, one of the most characteristic features on board will no doubt be the Dynamic Stability System (DSS) that is installed just below the waterline aft of the amidships section. The 9-metre-long moving foil has proved highly effective in smaller vessels but Baltic Yachts will be the first superyacht builder to incorporate this technology into a vessel of this size.

 Dynamic Stability System - Baltic 142 custom loop
The purpose of the foil, developed by Infiniti Yachts, is to provide added stability at higher speeds when deployed. The vessel itself is designed by Farr Yacht Design in partnership with Gurit for comfortable long-distance cruising. When deployed to leeward, the foil will not only dampen pitch movements but also increase speed, much like the latest America’s Cup racing fleet.

Baltic 142 custom sloop
In addition to this ground-breaking implementation, the Baltic 142 will also be fitted with a new diesel-electric drive system that promises to be far more efficient, smaller in size and emitting less noise and vibrations than conventional motors. The general concept involves a permanent magnet motor connected to the propeller shaft. The high power output requires the system to be water cooled to operate efficiently. 



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