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Inside the 98m superyacht Aviva’s crazy Padel Tennis court

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Charl van Rooy

One of the most significant yachts to come out of 2017 is undoubtedly the 98-metre motor yacht Aviva by Abeking & Rasmussen. With her strong hull lines, defined superstructure and two-tone paint finish she is set to become one of the most recognisable yachts of our time. One unique feature about Aviva, however, that has remained unexplored is her much talked about full-sized Padel Tennis court. Until now, that is.Aviva by Abeking & RasmussenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

Unique not only to a superyacht but anything that floats, Aviva’s owner’s passion for the game is proved in the amount of interior space dedicated simply to this special area. With dimensions that read 20 metres x 10 metres x 6.65 metres, the design team could easily have added a handful of luxury guest spaces to the interior.Location of the padel tennis court onboard AvivaPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

Reymond Langton Design explains the benefit such a unique space has for all those living on board: “It is not only a lifestyle change for the owner but also to crew as this is also the largest gym of any yacht. The crew is encouraged to play with the owner and guests and when the court is not in use for padel the net can be removed and the crew plays football and use other exercise equipment in the space, it is after all a sports hall.”Aviva's padel tennis courtPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

The studio continues that some of the challenges of the design were to deliver not only the best possible quality court but also to not have any other interior spaces affected by this one-of-a-kind arrangement. “Having a padel tennis court on board a yacht, one would expect some sort of compromise to the layout (there isn’t) and to the quality and size of the court, however, the owner is adamant that this is the best padel tennis court in the world, period!"Aviva's padel tennis courtPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

Aviva's padel tennis courtPhoto: Guillaume PlissonThe huge 5,000 Gross Tonnes interior allowed the team with plenty of space to combine all of the owner’s wishes in a luxurious environment that is unmatched.Aviva by Abeking & RasmussenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

The exterior has its own set of notable features but a special quality about Aviva is her eco-friendly drive system. A unique hull design paired with an electric propulsions system results in significant reduction in fuel usage on board. With her slippery hull lines, Aviva also requires far less power to reach its top speed of 20 knots and has the ability to cruise at 11 knots by relying on electric power alone.Aviva by Abeking & RasmussenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

Aviva was the recipient of a 2018 BOAT International Design & Innovation Award this weekend for her special paddle tennis lifestyle area on board.Aviva by Abeking & RasmussenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson

Photos by Guillaume Plisson

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