Insight: How to make a refit paint job a success

Written by Gemma Fottles

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The average size of superyachts continue to grow and the scheduled refit time is often reduced. This has an enormous impact on the logistics, requirements and processes. So the question is: what can you do to turn a refit paint job into an ensured success? We sit down with Managing Director at the Dutch paint experts, CCS, who shares his insight into the topic.

Paul Bournas, CCS

One of the key factors for a successful outcome is to ensure that expectations are managed and met. It all starts when you sign the contract: what are the Acceptance Criteria, what are we agreeing with each other? At CCS, we are convinced that with the Superyacht Tender Survey, you are off with a head start to get the expected result.

The CCS superyacht Tender Survey is an excellent way to blow away the smoke and break the mirrors. Our Tender Survey has three main objectives:

-Create a level playing field for all parties quoting for the same work, based upon the same square-metre figure (calculated by a naval architect);
-Provide like for like quotes for paint refit work
-Ensure an agreed quality level at the best price via transparent quotes.

The CCS superyacht Tender Survey starts with a CCS surveyor, who executes the initial survey. We then write a clear tender document stating the work to be carried out, the quality level to be achieved and agreed with the owner. This includes metres squared, caulking, primer on the hull and superstructure etc.

Here is a quick overview:

-CCS writes Acceptance Criteria and quality performance criteria.
-CCS assists in the evaluation of the quotes to see who is offering the agreed quality at the best price.
-The CCS surveyor holds a Kick-off meeting so that all parties have the same objectives before the project starts.
-Intermediate surveys monitor whether all the appropriate steps are being taken
-CCS executes a Final Survey to check if all requirements have been met

To hear more about CCS or to make an enquiry, head to their website or contact them directly at +31 35 751 2150.

Tesselschadelaan 15C
1217 LG
The Netherlands

T: +31 35 7512150
E: i[email protected]



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