Insight: Integrating technology into superyacht interior design

Written by Georgia Tindale

In the modern society in which we live, the pace of technological change can be described as rapid, exhilarating and relentless. And the superyacht industry in 2018 is no different. For superyacht owners who want to keep up to date, and to equip their vessels with the latest technological innovations whilst still remaining stylish, there is one excellent place to start: the interior. 

Odyss by Oculus

One product which has successfully managed this balancing act between innovative technology and elegant style is Odyss from the Dutch experts at Oculus Technologies. This latest addition to Oculus' range of infotainment products offers owners and guests a unique insight into the intelligence behind their onboard journey whilst also serving as an exclusive design feature.

Driven by aerospace grade technology and designed with fine craftsmanship, Odyss unveils real-time journey intelligence, creating an enhanced onboard experience. As well as showing the Time & Date and World Times, Odyss presents essential onboard data such as Depth, Heading, Speed, Barometer, Air and Sea Temperature, Position, Windspeed and Direction, Humidity and Barometric pressure, all of which are available to view at the touch of a button.

Optional features for your Odyss include Messaging, Image Display, Weather Forecast, Custom Graphics and a Makkah Pointer.

Odyss by Oculus Made to measure in two possible sizes, with a wide selection of finishes available, Odyss seamlessly blends in with interiors and yet remains a distinguished statement piece. Every product is handcrafted and customised for each specific client to the finest detail. From personal designs that perfectly complement your own style, to bespoke features of digital intelligence, you can make Odyss your own masterpiece, with a wide variety of wood, leather, metal, stone and glass finishes available. 

Odyss by Oculus Encompassing a personal touch in a high-tech world, Odyss is a statement piece whose discerning subtlety enriches design, knowledge and control. All in all, Odyss balances being a work of art and an object displaying true technical inventiveness.

Odyss offers the very best of everything in both design and functionality and was brought together by a multidisciplinary team of ingenious technologists and fine craftsmen in the Netherlands. The attention to detail, personal craftsmanship, pioneering technology and focus on design are just some of the attributes which set Odyss in a league of its own: effortlessly combining technology with interior design.

To find out more about experiencing Odyss for yourself, contact Oculus Technologies using the details below.



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