Insight: Rebranding SuperYacht Company

Written by Merijn de Waard

SuperYacht Company was initially started as a hobby during my studies back in 2005, and we’ve come a long way over the past 12 years. In the early days, our main strength lay in the fact that co-founder, Maarten Janssen, and I had been real yachting enthusiasts from a young age, and pretty much knew every superyacht on the water. We were yet to discover the dynamics of the market, or aspects of yacht building such as the construction process, or building on speculation.

SuperYacht Company logo

We’ve done many different things over the years as we’ve grown and expanded, but it was in early-2017 that we started planning the long-term future of our company, considering our position in the market and how we can make a difference in this business.

With SuperYacht Company our mission is to create a better superyacht industry and to attract more clients. I believe that both go hand in hand. We can try to find clients, but if we don’t improve the business and make it more transparent I doubt we will see a lot more clients buying yachts.

For us, it is of vital importance that we make a difference in the business. I spend around one day per week working on ideas on how we can create a better business and find new clients. These can be initiatives for our own business, improving our products and services, but right now I am mainly focused on improving the information and intelligence standards in the yachting business. There is a lot of misinformation and analysis undertaken by people who simply do not understand the dynamics of the market.

There are a lot of people in this business with a lot of ideas, complaints and opinions, but as I’ve asked many times before, how many people are putting their money where their mouth is? Of course I’m not innocent of having the occasional complaint and I certainly am not shy about broadcasting my opinions, but I also very much realise that if we want a better business, you have to start with yourself and take action. This is a philosophy the whole team here at SuperYacht Company is dedicated to. In fact, right now we’re working on two big research projects that will make some serious changes, and have a huge impact on the yachting business. We have no idea yet if this will benefit our own company, but we feel the need to invest our time and energy into living up to our philosophies.

SYC Collection

To come back to SuperYacht Company, many will have noticed a few changes over the past year or so. We now incorporate the following brands: SuperYacht Times and SuperYacht iQ.

The foundations for what we are today were laid around three years ago when we started with a blank sheet of paper and developed a completely new information architecture on how to track and analyse the superyacht market. Based on this we have recently developed SYDIS, the SuperYacht Data & Information System of our company. The system is able to store and link all data on superyachts, companies, people, deals, articles, photos, and much more. The system will run our internal processes; power SuperYacht Times and iQ, as well as our corporate websites.  

SuperYacht Times is our media channel and the leading provider of news, photos and in-depth information on the world of superyachts. SYT, both the website and bi-monthly newspaper, is well-read amongst both superyacht owners and professionals. The reason? We get our facts right, have the best news team, excellent photography, are the first to report on new superyachts and feature unique interviews with owners and leading figures in the business. We don’t focus on the lifestyle and associated products, or very technical topics and products, but mainly on the superyachts themselves.

Our social media channels are also amongst the strongest in the business. We were among the first in yachting to really use Instagram - the most popular social media channel used by owners, their family and friends.

Vlog 6 THUMB

In order to stay ahead of the game, this year we began producing vlogs (video blogs) about the world of yachting (head to our YouTube channel to see them!). This is a direct response to the transformation of how the younger generation consume news and information. YouTube and social media channels are a fantastic way to show this generation - the world’s next superyacht owners - the fun side of yachting.

If we want to grow the sector we don’t just need more (new) clients, but we also need better data, better information and better intelligence. That is where SuperYacht iQ comes in. Introduced very recently, the SuperYacht iQ Terminal is a next-generation online intelligence system for the superyacht business.

IQ report

Companies need to be better informed in order to make better projections and decisions. Superyacht owners, buyers and the people who advise them need to be able to source better information about the business, the superyachts, and the companies they have to do business with. There is no point in trying to attract more clients if we don’t improve this industry and make sure that the clients have the right data, information and intelligence to make the best decision. The SuperYacht iQ Terminal has been built and designed to give users instant access to anything and everything they need to know about the superyacht business.

With our new strategy and clear company missions set, we started the process of rebranding all of our brands just ahead of this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Now it is clear that our brands are part of one family, and with our new and improved look and feel, I’m confident all aspects of SuperYacht Company now reflect who we are: fresh, young, innovative and passionate about this business.

We’re excited to take SuperYacht Company to the next level in 2018, and we wish you all a fantastic, productive year ahead.



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