Insight: Six keys to refit success with CCS

Written by Gemma Fottles

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It is widely known that repainting a yacht is one of the most complex aspects of a refit, even if it’s a basic “scratch and shoot”. So the question is: what can be done to make a refit paint job a success?Paul Bournas, Managing Director at the Dutch Coating Consultants for Superyachts (CCS), shares a rundown of their top six crucial keys to refit success based upon their extensive experience.

Carry out an initial survey

An initial survey before starting is essential to draft an accurate scope of work. The more comprehensive this scope, the less confusion there is over what is included in the overall cost and expectations of the paint job.

Thoroughly draft/check all contracts and other documentation

Writing a refinishing specification (paint specification and acceptance criteria) manages the expectations of the desired quality to all parties involved. The specifications cover the full paint system including parameters concerning gloss levels, maximum allowable dust inclusions (particle size and density), tolerable deflections in surface fairness, etc.

Have a kick-off meeting

To ensure all parties are on the same page from the beginning we recommend a kick-off meeting. It allows owners to communicate requirements and expectations with the yard/subcontractors. Steps covered in the meeting include: acceptance criteria, planning, documentation, cutlines etc.

Carry out regular inspections

Inspections during key moments help ensure quality. They allow corrective action to be taken before mistakes lead to paint disasters, delays and budget overruns.

Perform a Final Survey

Once the work is completed, a Final Survey documents the technical and aesthetic quality of the new paint system. The report can be used for acceptance / warranty purposes as well as to analyse paint degradation over time.

Carry out a warranty survey
Using the data collected during the Final Survey as a benchmark, CCS can accurately and objectively assess any paint degradation over time by performing another survey just before the warranty expires.

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