Insight: the 26-metre leap for Sirena Marine

Written by Laura Nicholls

Well-known amongst yachties with a love for small, fast boats, Sirena Marine is breaking out into the world of superyachts. The new pocket superyacht Sirena 85 model is currently in-build, her hull has been de-moulded and she will be ready for her launch at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 and showcased at Monaco. Measuring at 26.7-metres and with the likes of German Frers and Cor D. Rover Design by their side, Sirena’s latest semi-displacement hull is set to impress. The 58 is sold out now until August 2019 and they have closed the book on orders for the 64 for the rest of the year - this Turkey-based shipyard is quickly becoming one of the most capable yards in Europe.   

Since opening their doors in 2006, they have developed in-house construction facilities and can produce composite and stainless components for the rail, automotive and defence sectors. Eager to learn more about Sirena 85, we spoke to Tanil Sürmeli, Brand and Product Development Manager, who talks to us about their soon-to-be-revealed plans to expand and how Sirena have pushed their in-house resources to the max.

Sirena Yachts 85' project exterior designTell us about some major milestones Sirena has accomplished since it was established. 

Actually, the purpose of the foundation of Sirena was ship production. Then we had a plan to produce some models of motor yachts and that was the reason we founded Sirena Marine, but as time passed we decided to create our own sailing brands: Euphoria is a luxury kind of product, and Azuree is our cruising yachts. Two years ago we decided to come up with the motor yacht brand, Sirena Yachts. 

Sirena Yachts is still a young brand but with a lot of experience behind it. Our first aim was to build quality products and expand in the major markets through dealerships. I believe we have succeeded in most of our plans.

Having already built more than 250 motor yachts, what do you think it is about the series that appeals so much?

Function more than design, and flexibility on the customisation. Our customers feel like they are really involved in the superyacht deal with the service and options they get. Of course, our in-house production is the key to this service.

Sirena Yachts 85' project exterior designBeing in the category for 17-30-metre yachts, are there any plans to expand the Sirena range to include a 30.4-metre yacht? 

After 85, our first model will be between 64 and 85 feet to complete the entire range. 

How does the 85 model stand out from an already very crowded market in the 20 - 29.99-metre segment?

As with all the other Sirena Yachts, her hull is different from other competitors. She is efficient but fast. She also has the widest beam in her category which enabled us to give most of the superyacht features - from the balcony to the beach club - on a 26-meter yacht.

What was the design brief for Sirena 85

Sirena 85 is the link to the superyacht market for us. One of the key things in the brief was to have a raised pilothouse which is a bit risky on a yacht this size. You may end up with a very bulky design due to the fact it doesn’t suit the height to length ratio. But I believe the designers did a very good job creating this beautiful mini superyacht.

Sirena Yachts 85' project exterior designHow was the process of inventing the Sirena semi-displacement design, and what is unique about it? 

When we created the brief of our hull we knew that designer Germán Frers would be one of the best choices. We carried out intensive tank tests with some of the best universities, so the hull design was spotless. It was easier for us to then build the hull and gave us good flexibility on the upper design.

You have a good relationship with the designer German Frers. Tell us about your relationship with your designers - have you ever had any competition?

Actually, the way we found Mr Frers was through a kind of a beauty contest we created - that’s how we like to meet our new designers! At the start of the contest, one designer was Humphreys Yacht Design - who is now the designer of the Azuree sailing boats. But for Frers it would not be appropriate to put him in the competition because he is a living legend - especially for his sailing yachts. The CEO and the chairman was also an admirer of Mr Frers, so that’s how he joined our team. Our collaboration with Frers has continued for many years, and we knew Cor Rover personally before he joined. I believe Frers and Rover make the perfect combination of tradition and modern design. We are glad to have them on our team.

Sirena Yachts 85' project exterior designThe company also dabbles in railroad and automotive production. Has this side of the business had an influence on yacht production, has it made it easier? 

We have been a good and challenging alternative to the rail and automotive industry. I believe we have filled one big gap in the market with our composite and stainless steel knowledge. This helps us to reduce our overall costs as well. 

And actually yes yacht production was made easier. First of all because of our past experience with the automotive industry - we are not only on the production side, we are also on the engineering side of the yachts, so it’s easier for us to create a motor yacht product rather than a sailing boat. Also, our in-house facilities help us achieve our targets. In total, the company has 550 people, around 80 are management. The rest are manual workers. The automotive, railway and military division take up 30% of our staff.

With Sirena producing fuel-efficient yachts, what do you see for the future of environmentally-conscious yachts?

There is no doubt that the future is all about eco-friendly propulsion, and this is true for all vehicles. Now the highest research and development is on automobiles and eventually, it will move to maritime. 

Actually, there will be a Sirena product - not yet - but it is in the production facilities. We have many environmentally conscious policies that we apply during the production. Let me say, in two to three years these products will be our focus because that is where the trend is going, and that is where the technology is going. Maybe not in the smaller boats, but in the bigger boats we will see some hybrid solutions from Sirena.

Tanil Sürmeli - Sirena yachtsPhoto: Sirena MarineWhat can you tell us about the rumours surrounding future expansion plans for Sirena?

Actually, the deal is done. Let me say… it is in holdings - where two companies try to come together - so it is just the small touches that the lawyers are focusing on now. But 100% there will be an expansion because we cannot produce the 85 model in-house. There is going to be an expansion, we are just waiting for the final signatures from the chairmen. In the future, most probably the smallest boat you will see from us is the 58. The focus will be on larger yachts.

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