Insight: Yachtzoo's new CEO shares vision for U.S. office

Written by Gemma Fottles

Yachtzoo has recently announced the appointment of David Ross as the new CEO of their U.S. office. Ross previously was the CEO and co-owner of the U.S. shipyard Burger Boat Company, in which he was closely involved in the sale, design and construction of a total of 35 yachts. We spoke to Ross in light of his recent appointment, who shared his views on the importance of having a dedicated U.S. presence, the American market, and his vision for the future of the company.

How important is Yachtzoo’s presence in the U.S.?

Yachtzoo having a dedicated presence in the United States clearly demonstrates both an unwavering commitment to the strength of the American market and steadfast confidence in its long-term potential for prosperity. Additionally, it’s no accident that Yachtzoo chose Fort Lauderdale, one of the largest and most important yachting destinations in the world, as a base from which to continue to provide world-class service and support to its vast network of clients.

Can you tell us your opinion on the state of the American market right now?

The American yachting market, not unlike any of the other yachting markets globally, has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. As with the tide, regional yachting markets generally follow national and/or continental economic ebbs and flows.

America started growing economically in 2009 and its recovery leads the “Rich-World” pack. Factors including surging vehicle sales, unemployment below 6% and hiring continuing at a torrid pace indicate a healthy environment for our industry to expand. Yachtzoo’s growth in U.S. yacht sales and charter activity closely parallels this continuing robust expansion.

What are your plans to guarantee the continued growth and success of Yachtzoo U.S.?

Our plan is to build on the strong foundation that already exists and integrate the Yachtzoo culture and spirit as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. We will maintain the highest level of discretion on behalf of our clients and continue to be the best company in our industry for yacht professionals to work.

We will provide an environment that will motivate and inspire a world-class team of yacht sales brokers, yacht charter brokers and yacht managers that are energized and proud to be part of one of the world’s most highly respected yacht brokerage companies. We will focus on accelerating the innovation and execution that our clients need and expect from us. Their total satisfaction will continue to drive us.



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