International Yacht Bureau announces Yacht Certifications

International Yacht Bureau (IYB) recently finalized the certification of several yachts allowing them to register for commercial operations.

Aquasition, CV-9, Daybreak, Distraction, Domani, Hyperion, Lady Zelda, Morning Star, Shalimar, Tooth Fairy and Touch.

Several private yachts also upgraded to the highest standards for international pollution prevention compliance with MARPOL certification.

Mystique, Newvida and Pegasus.

International Yacht Bureau is an organization dedicated to the safety, environmental protection, and security activities of private and commercial yachts. With its appointment, International Yacht Bureau provides statutory certification services through plan review, inspection, audit, and survey. It is authorized to issue certificates verifying compliance with the applicable international standards. IYB has established a network of professional surveyors at the worldโ€™s main yachting centers.



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