Interview with Andrea Carlevaris, founder of ACP

SuperYacht Times recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Carlevaris, founder of the international company Andrea Carlevaris & Partners (ACP) with offices in Monaco and Italy.

ACP specializes in naval engineering, project management, and surveying. The company is characterized by its technical expertise combined with the use of state of the art diagnostic tools, as well as an uncompromised sense of ethics. The ACP team of project managers and surveyors is among the most proficient in the yachting industry today. Thanks to clear vision, hard work, and a true passion for yachting, the company has experienced significant growth in the past few years.

Andrea Carlevaris yearned to be at sea from an early age. He began his career as an engineer officer on board cruise ships where he earned his Unlimited Chief Engineer License.

From 1994 until 2005 he worked on board some of the most prestigious superyachts, both sailing and motor.

Driven by his passion for sailing, Andrea Carlevaris decided to leave the cruise ship industry for a more intimate encounter with the sea. In 1994 he accepted the position of engineer on the 90’ sailboat Whitefin.

Clearly overqualified for the job, Andrea joined the yacht with the stipulation he would be allowed to work on deck and have the opportunity to steer the yacht. After all, it was this desire that had initially prompted him to give up working on the large cruise ships.

What factors have most influenced Andrea’s business development?

According to Andrea, “I see my current business endeavors as a natural result of the accumulated technical expertise I acquired while working in the military, commercial, and yachting industry. This is of course combined with the fact that I saw a market in need of greater technical expertise and engineering knowledge and I set out to fill that void.”

Today, ACP offers a broad range of services from pre-purchase surveys to complete project management of New Builds and Refits. As a result, Andrea has established his reputation in the industry by consistently demanding the highest quality for his clients. He comments: “If you are looking for someone who you can completely trust to look after your investment, you have come to the right place.

When we are supervising a new build, the process begins in one of two ways: either revising an existing build specification provided by the shipyard, or, if needed, drawing one up from scratch. Once the project has been initiated, the next step in the process is to support the client through the contract signature phase and the build process where we project manage as well as survey the quality of the construction. Throughout the entire process we ensure that the work quality remains uncompromised and the project proceeds as planned.

In addition to these services, we are also able to assist crew with gearing up and taking control of the yacht. As we have ourselves experienced working on yachts at sea, we know the needs of the captain and his crew.”

What about pre-purchase surveys and other specialty technical services?

When it comes to pre-owned yachts, it is a matter of recognizing the risks or short comings if any should exist. Otherwise, we would reassure the buyer that the yacht is in a good state – if in fact this is the case. This is what we achieve with our Pre- Purchase Surveys. At times, our expertise is called upon to settle claims or to solve technical situations where improvements or repairs are needed. We perform the tasks with the utmost care and our in-house naval architects are definitely an asset.

This is all well and good but aside from being experienced and giving valuable advice are you actually an accredited Marine Surveyor?

All our surveyors at ACP are accredited. I am a Full Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and my colleagues are registered surveyors and registered naval architects in Italy. I believe that in order to obtain proper advice on technical matters only certified people should be involved. Our clients can also rely on the fact that we have a fully-certified in-house FROSIO paint inspector. As training and experience are prerequisites for becoming a FROSIO surveyor, ACP can be trusted as being amongst the best in the industry when it comes to paint matters.

We were told that you have also successfully supervised refits.

Yes this is indeed true, and it is becoming so more and more often. In fact, after the purchase is finalized, a number of our clients entrust us with improving the newly acquired yacht with a well-planned refit. After the survey has been completed we are in the best position to advise which work should have priority and which of the tasks can wait for a more suitable time.

Helping with shipyard cost quotes and shortlisting the best shipyards for the purposes of the refit is also a great benefit for the Owners and Captains.

When projects such as refits or new builds have been successfully concluded, ACP can continue to support the yacht by being its back up technical office. This valuable service enables Captains and Engineers to more efficiently run the yacht, prepare for Flag State, or other statutory audits and inspections.

The quality of work and the increased esteem for ACP is reflected by the success of their recent projects, consisting of 6 refits just this winter and 3 new builds on the go, the last one having just been delivered last month.

Carlevaris discussed the projects with SuperYacht Times, commenting: We just delivered the latest AB116 sold by Verpeka Dolling where we did the specifications review and technical supervision. The yacht reached an outstanding speed of 53 knots and it took the record time of 6 months from the stage of bare hull and superstructure to the finished yacht.

We also did an important refit on the Nauchmachos 82 - M/Y Akula (Formerly Bodry I) where the whole engine room was revised and some of the interiors were upgraded as well as a zero speed stabilization system retrofitted.

We just delivered a winter Refit/Class 5-year renewal Mangusta 130 M/Y Mao and are currently overseeing a refit of a Mangusta 105;

The 50 mt M/Y Nafisa and the 36mt Leopard M/Y KOJI are repeated customers for the winter season this year as well.

With regards to new builds we are about to deliver a Sanlorenzo 92 and we are building a Sanlorenzo 110 and a Sanlorenzo 46mt both for delivery in 2015. We also did about 20 pre-purchase surveys ranging from 110’ to 80 metre since the beginning of the year.”

We would also like to mention that we are still proudly involved with Project ADORA, the 62-metre Benetti whose construction was supervised by ACP and delivered in 2010. On board Adora there are improvements carried out on a yearly basis requested by very sophisticated Owners. After 7 years this demonstrates their interest in continuity and appreciation for quality of service. Her Owner and captain are our best testimonials!”

When it comes to this yachting industry, Andrea Carlevaris has tried his hand at almost everything from working on yachts, surveying yachts, building yachts, and project management. So is there anything left on his wish list for the future?

He tells us: “Probably some extreme project which would combine our experience with military building and commercial sailing on luxury cruise ships. But it’s not “just” about size, it is also very much about sophistication, technology, and uniqueness.”

With big ambitions, hard work, and time-tested determination, ACP certainly appears to be in a position to achieve their goals in the near future.

The secret to the success of ACP will have been technical expertise, outstanding skills, and an uncompromising sense of ethics.

Andrea Carlevaris & Partners
+33643 918 410
[email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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