Interview with Mike Brandt of Lift Emotion

Merijn de Waard

I have known lift emotion for many years now, can you tell me something about the projects you have done?

Yes, although as is common in the yacht-industry, it is often very difficult to talk about specific projects. However, we have done several Feadships, such as Musashi, and another one with a blue hull, you’ll know the name. We also worked with Delta Marine with whom we worked since 2008. Back then we delivered our first elevator over there, on Silver Shalis. Since then our elevators are on every new project they have. We did an elevator on a large yacht that was at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, Read Square, now called Axioma. It was a beautiful glass elevator, which I believe was very nice showcase for what we can do.

Basically you are working world wide, in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the US. Why do these companies come to a Dutch lift manufacturer? Do you deliver very special products?

Yes, I think so and I hope so. We specialize in far away countries, where there are not many people that can make high-end elevators and also not elevators on a ship. At lift emotion, 99% of our work is on ships. And of that I think at this moment 80% is on yachts, which shows you that we are dedicated and that we put our emotion in that type of work.

So on these yachts, what type of elevators do you deliver?

All kind of lifting devices, so apart from guest elevators, we also do food lifts such as dumbwaiters and trolley lifts, where you can roll in a trolley and go over several decks, which is now very common on the bigger yachts. We also deliver specially designed solutions, and we help to think out a system to solve a problem or a request, such as a life buoy shooting device to hide the life buoys but have them ready in time of a emergency and shoot them from behind a hatch away from the vessel. We just did one on the last big yacht in England.

I can imagine that you work closely with interior designers?

Yes, most of the time we do. These people have a certain idea of the whole vessel so you have to merge your product into their idea. I would say it is also important for the designers to just check what is reasonable inside a vessel, for example to avoid ending up with an elevator that is just way too small. We always try to advise them early on in the design stage. This can avoid high cost at the end of a project. And try to keep maintenance works also in mind throughout the life span of a vessel.

Do you also do refit projects? It is even possible to fit a new elevator in an existing yacht?

Yes, and it is quite challenging and it depends on the boat. Currently we are doing refits of two vessels, one is an old Feadship and one is an old converted research vessel. On those projects we can create a special dedicated trunk. On the smaller vessels that we have done in the past, we have designed a special lift that works almost without making extra deep pits, the space underneath the lift. We reduced that significantly to avoid a lot of extra work in an existing ship. These technics we then also use on smaller vessels where people also like to have a elevator.

Do your yacht clients also hire you for their houses, or other projects?

Yes, we are currently installing a very high end project in Switzerland where we have a really spectacular glass elevator with an extremely big cabin, which has a height of 3.03 metres, which means that the doors are also 3.03 metres. Truly spectacular. We also recently finished one of two special lifts that will be placed inside a touring bus complete with real elevator doors and a low entrance height for the end client to step in the lift. And we have several other projects in various stages of design.

Lift Emotion will be exhibiting in Monaco this week. Visit their stand at Darse Sud QS62.



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