Interview with new owners of Dahm International

Christian Hausser and Lukas Stratmann have recently taken over the broker’s side of Dahm International. Stratmann, who has been with the company since 2013, is a former skipper and shipbuilding engineer, while Hausser is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and communications.

By Merijn de Waard

In today's interview with SuperYacht Times’ Merijn de Waard, Hausser describes the move from the marketing and communication field to the superyacht business.

I love boats, I love the sea, I love the ports and I got to know Lukas a few years ago when I moved to Cologne for communication and marketing. Lukas gave me a phone call one day and said that Mr. Dahm might be interested in selling his company. After all analysis and checking out the strengths, weaknesses and the possibilities, we decided to manage this topic and to overtake this company. I think we have a pretty pleasant chance to succeed.

Rather than substantial changes to the company, Dahm International will go through what Stratmann describes as a ‘“freshening up”. The traditional aspects and extensive knowledge of the company will be brought forward into the future to make the brand better than ever. Though under new leadership, Hausser and Stratmann have also agreed to keep the name of the company, noting the sterling reputation and the strength of the Dahm name as an integral part of the sustained success of Dahm International.

There will be no major changes because we don’t need it. That’s what Dahm is. It is a traditional, small company, very dynamic, very family oriented. We don’t want to destroy the brand by saying, ‘we are now new’. It is going to stay the same.” Lukas Stratmann.

For now, the company will continue to predominantly focus on the German speaking market, continuing Dahm International’s current strong relationship. However, the future will see the superyacht brokerage house open up internationally, looking to make cooperation with other countries and brokers.

The companies sailing history combined with Stratmann’s strong sailing background have raised questions on the focus for the future and whether Dahm International will shift to a more sailing yacht focus. Hausser states, “a certain focus is always good but the luxury yachts are our products at the end and the more diversity you have, the wider the target group you may offer your products and services to. Therefore, I think it would be a mistake to only stay on the sailing ship side.

The company structure will see Stratmann taking responsibility for the operational side such as the brokerage, contact with clients, selling and the contracts, whilst Hausser will oversee the administrative aspects, including regulation of the texting, the employees and especially the marketing.

Herbert Dahm is currently still in the office in Dusseldorf, offering his advice and experience to the new directors as honorary president. Stratmann states the owner of the company is, “like a mentor. He’ll talk to the clients. He still has got some great ideas. We discuss most of the things with him because it’s always good to have Mr. Dahm’s opinion, even if it’s not 2014. We are very happy to have him on board, to have him in the background and to have him as a mentor. He is and will be a massive support.



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