Rosetti's Fulvio Dodich on entering the world of superyachts

Written by Georgia Tindale

Last November, the Italian shipbuilder Rosetti Marino announced their decision to move into the superyacht sector, heralding this with the announcement of their first 85-metre superyacht concept, designed in partnership with Rolls-Royce Marine. To find out more about this move, and what the future looks like for the new branch, we spoke to Rosetti Superyachts' Chairman, Fulvio Dodich.

Fulvio Dodich

Given your commercial success in the construction of offshore supply vessels, ocean-going tugboats and passenger ferries, what was it that made you decide to enter the superyacht sector, as you announced last November, which, it could be argued, is a much more niche, small, luxury market?

The decision to enter in the luxury segment was driven by the perception that Rosetti Superyachts (RSY) could create and offer to the market a product that doesn’t exist at present. We are an Italian shipyard that is able to build, thanks to our extremely high level of experience, with the safety and reliability standards offered by the Dutch and German shipyards. We are able to mix a strong know-how in building supply vessels and explorer boats, as well as bespoke yachts, to a style and elegance, typical of our Italian origins.

Rosetti concept 85m supply vessel- Exterior

What are the differences between the two sectors, and how was Rosetti's commercial experience in commercial ships translated into this design?

Rosetti has the experience in building very strong vessels that can face any kind of seas, and as a result, we feel that we can add a refined style and design approach to a solid basis, in order to build an unparalleled masterpiece.

Have you had any interest so far in this 85-metre concept?

Yes, we have different clients that are interested in both of our 85-metre projects, which are two different approaches to the same length of yacht; one is more oriented to the expedition market and the other is responding to a new luxury yachting concept.

Rosetti Superyachts 85m Concept

You are planning to build vessels from 35-140 metres, which is quite a range. What do you expect your main focus to be: your first concept is 85-metres, so will it be bigger boats from here?

We said that we can build vessels from 35 to 140 metres due to our past experience and huge yard capabilities in terms of length and competences. We can build whatever boats the clients desire in this segment. This gives us a flexibility that few shipyards have, which makes all the difference on the market.

Talk to me about the development of your relationship with Tommaso Spadolini. Was he always the designer you had in mind for the 85m concept?

We were looking for a designer with a long experience in the nautical sector but, who, at the same time would be inspired by taking on a completely different project. We found these two characteristics in Tommaso Spadolini who was very enthusiastic about taking on this new challenge with us. 

Rosetti Superyachts 85m Concept

Was it important to you that everything about the concept stayed Italian, and is the 'Made in Italy' branding important for you more generally?

The Made in Italy is an important plus for us in terms of style and flexibility but the fact of having Italian designers is not mandatory for us. One idea I like very much is the combination of Italian design and Northern European naval architects.

What can we expect from Rosetti superyachts in the future, and what will we see on the water in 10 years' time?

We are in a lucky position as we can count on a long tradition. The shipyard has existed since 1925 and now I have added my personal experience to this know-how. I think it will be the perfect combination as well as a solid basis to grow our future success. Of course, in the next 10 years, we will continue to focus on building yachts, supply vessels yachts, explorers or shadow vessels able to cruise through any sea with maximum safety, which will be our core business.

Rosetti Superyachts 85m Concept
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