Introducing Mr Smith Consultancy multimedia solutions

Mr Smith Entertainment has announced they have renamed the company to Mr Smith Consultancy, and rebranded their products as LAVIE. Offering unprecedented systems for the superyacht industry, combining unrivalled quality and extremely low prices, the young, professional company offers total advanced multimedia solutions for at home or on boats.

Located in the Netherlands, they boast a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff that provide tailor made solutions with the focused aim of creating a memorable, superior and, most importantly, thoroughly enjoyable experience. With the demand of impeccably high standards comes the need for state-of-the-art technology. Providing this with the combination of user friendliness and flexibility is where Mr Smith specialises.

Offering more than just audio and video solutions, Mr Smith’s products will be rebranded as LAVIE, representing Light, Audio, Video, Internet Entertainment. Everything the LAVIE Systems does is aimed at delivering the greatest possible entertainment experience on board. Every solution is tailor made to suit the clients individual needs, and only the most superior brands of equipment is used, including Bang & Olufsen, Lingdorf & Steinway, Philips, Samsung and Sonance.

Additionally, usability is key. Everything can be controlled from the specially designed app for iPhone and iPad to make sure the ultimate entertainment experience is delivered in the easiest possible way, and Mr Smith reassure clients that their systems are future proof. Most new developments only require an easy software update to be ready again without the need for new investments in hardware.

As part of the LAVIE rebranding, light will become an integral part of Mr Smith’s product, with Roger van der Heide set to work exclusively with superyacht owners. Qualified captain and innovative designer, Rogier van der Heide, established his lighting design studio in 1994. He has created lighting projects for prestigious clients around the world, including high profile projects such as the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the National Museum of Science, London and Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. He is a leader in the field of artistic lighting for yachts - among other industries - and will bring a unique edge to Mr Smith’s products and services.

Other services available from the company include a flexible and affordable space saving system to replace the often bulky and highly expensive current systems on board superyachts. The most advanced in the superyacht industry to date, the modular system provided by Mr Smith combines proven Apple technology with the lowest possible number of components. The result is a system that manages and allows guests to control ambiance and environment.

Mr Smith also introduce an integrated media system which allows guests to fully enjoy easy access to their own media content as well as an existing onboard media library, transforming any space into a personalised environment. This is achieved with multi-room solutions, control via a remote control or app on mobile devices, integration of additional onboard controls, and hi-speed onboard media servers.

With Apple technology and a simple yet effective app, the system is reliable and easy to use. Additional controls include cabin control functionality, such as lighting, air-conditioning, blinds and CCTV security camera feeds, allowing guests to easily operate and control the environment around them.

Contracted by Nakhimov, the company have already successfully delivered and installed a system onboard the recently launched 45 metre Admiral superyacht, Flying Dragon, and are currently in the final stages of installing their products onboard a 30 metre and 70 metre project based in the Netherlands.

The systems that Mr Smith Consultancy provide offer a valuable addition the superyacht industry, significantly enhancing onboard comfort, the level of personalisation available and user-friendliness for guests. With the application of Apple products and with their existing features, which have already been proven stable, reliable and versatile, existing functionality is just the beginning. The future will hold an exciting range of future additions to their already superb services.

The Mr Smith Consultancy team will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show in September, and are readily available for meetings. Clients can also contact the company to request a demo of their products and services.

Hear more about LaVie System at

MrSmith BV
Vondelstraat 79
6512BD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Jacco van der Stelt
M: +31 (0)6 3419 1273
E: [email protected]

Rogier van der Heide




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