Introducing the VIP Rugby Yacht Charters

Written by Gemma Fottles

Bluewater Yachting has announced the launch of a unique charter campaign recently: The VIP Rugby Yacht Charters.

This charter season, Bluewater Yachting will offer clients, particularly rugby lovers, the opportunity to spend a day with the player of their choice on a private charter yacht, whether watching the European Challenge Cup semi-finals or cruising the beautiful shores of Monaco for the Rugby 7’s qualifiers.

Amongst others, World Cup winners Mike Tindall and Mark Cuarto as well as South African international and premiership player Rudi Keil and New Zealand player Luke McAlister will be hosted by Bluewater Yachting.

The event aims to create a relaxed environment on board luxury superyachts like the 46.55 metre Entourage, as well as the 35 metre Koi in the South of France while getting an insight into the game and players. In addition, clients can complete their travels by reserving a private jet charter to their journey's starting point.

Our aim was to offer a unique charter experience for sport enthusiasts, by creating a link between the world of sports and the luxury travel industry,” says Charter Broker Rebecca Cutter. “We selected these high profile sporting heroes to feature as our 'celebrity hosts' onboard our yacht charters, to provide a real life feel during these sporting events. Our charter clients will receive exclusive insights into the game, the players and behind the scenes preparation, a truly unique VIP match day experience. Discovering more and getting closer to the action as if they themselves were on the pitch.”

For more information contact Rebecca Cutter directly at +33 620 20 06 11 or by email at [email protected].



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