ISA strengthens After Sales & Refit Division

The last three years have seen ISA - International Shipyards Ancona very busy accomplishing some important refit works, with many owners now having opted to take their superyachts to ISA’s Ancona facilities for standard winter maintenance refit, or an equipment update.

At present, together with standard winter maintenance works to two yachts managed by ISA (an ISA 133 with gas turbines and the very first ISA 470, also undergoing the 5-year Lloyd’s Register inspection), ISA’s after sales & refit division is also repainting an ISA 120 with ‘champagne’ Dupont metallic finish. Another ISA 120 was brought back to the shipyard to mount the new Quantum ‘zero speed’ stabilisers, that will now be assembled onto each new ISA 120. ISA’s customer loyalty is all too clear. They really do trust the people who built their boats.

The ‘After Sales & Refit’ division uses the huge structures of the Ancona-based shipyard: 50,000m², with three 13,000m² covered areas, workshops for all metal works, fibreglass lamination and joinery, and technical and administrative offices.

The new division benefits from the know-how of the engineers, specialised project managers and workers who have built 21 yachts in the last 7 years. Now also boasting a newly built marina with 10 berths to moor yachts up to 90 meters in length at works or just in transit, and a hauling slipway for yachts up to 750 tonnes.

Always aiming to strengthen the After Sales & Refit division by renovating the logistic structures, as from the end of April 2009, ISA will also have a 400 tonne travel lift, to be placed in its dedicated dock measuring 11 x 58 metres. This massive crane will allow ISA to considerably speed up the hauling and launching activities of yachts up to 400 tonnes, to increase general yard efficiency, saving on both the time and costs of these operations. The bigger boats will continue to be hauled and launched from the slipway.

With this new investment ISA, the worldwide brand famous and specialised in the design and construction of custom and semi-custom large motor yachts, aims to become an important point reference also for the refit sector of the superyacht market.

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