Isle of Man superyacht trade association elects new board

The Isle of Man Yacht Forum, the trade association promoting Isle of Man based superyacht industry, announced the results of its first election of officers and appointment of supporting subcommittees.

The five year old group includes yacht managers, VAT specialists, recruitment companies, trust and corporate services providers and other Isle of Man businesses supporting the burgeoning global superyacht business.

“This is the first major milestone in the restructuring of our group,” commented Chairman Rob Tobin.

Tobin of Döhle Yachts, will be supported by Vice Chair Bransom Bean of Fine Focus Ltd, Secretary/Treasurer Lisa Osland of Abacus and Mike Dean of Equiom responsible for marketing. Tobin also announced the formation of three working committees to address VAT, Flag State issues and a Fiscal Event for the superyacht Industry.

“I am extremely pleased by the interest and enthusiasm shown by our members,” said Rob Tobin, “The Isle of Man is unique in the range and depth of industry expertise based here, it’s our job to make sure the global industry knows about it.”

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