ISS and Wilfred Sultana & Associates present Yachting in Malta seminar

The International Superyacht Society (ISS) has announced it's collaboration with Wilfred Sultana & Associates in presenting the Superyacht Industry Seminar, The Way Forward, being conducted in Malta, Friday 29 April 2011. Similar to the seminar presented in 2009, foreign and local speakers will again take the podium. While two years ago the theme was ‘The Superyacht Industry’, this year the forum focuses more on the Malta yachting scenario while underlining the demanding requisites of superyachts.

The seminar, like the previous one, is being organised by Wilfred Sultana & Associates publishers of ‘Yachting in Malta’, the Directory to Malta’s yachting services and facilities. A few weeks ago the 9th Edition of the directory, meant for distribution throughout 2011 and 2012, was launched 35 years after the publication of the first edition in 1976. 35 Years of Service 1976-2011, the theme opted for the directory’s 9th edition, is also a cornerstone of this year’s seminar.

The Malta event will once again have the support and collaboration of Transport Malta and the International Superyacht Society whose involvement both provides member speakers and gives the local seminar more global exposure through its marketing network.

The International Superyacht Society is recognised as the sole organization serving and representing the large yacht industry worldwide. Society members are individuals and companies who have been recognized for their leadership and dedication in raising the standards of design construction, maintenance, repair and operation of large yachts.

It is envisaged that one of the foreign speaker nominated by the International Superyacht Society this year will be a Captain of a superyacht whose presentation will reflect the experience, outlook and ‘destination’ gauge of superyachts captains who visit Malta. Another ISS speaker will discuss fundamentals regarding the superyacht marketplace.

With regards to local speakers, Transport Malta, the Yachting Services Business Section (Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry), and the Super Yacht Industry Network – Malta are all being represented.

We are confident that the wide spectrum of different professions making up the direct and indirect services and facilities sectors of the industry will once again respond ardently to this second seminar,” remarked Wilfred Sultana, publisher of ‘Yachting In Malta’ and mentor behind this initiative.

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