ISS seeks nominations for annual Awards of Distinction

The International Superyacht Society (ISS) is again seeking nominations from the yachting industry and yachting public for its annual Awards of Distinction. While many are familiar with the organisation’s design awards that celebrate achievement in superyacht engineering and style, ISS equally celebrates personal triumph from crew to the corporate office and now, ocean stewardship.

ISS’s Awards of Distinction recipients are recognised at the Meeting of the Associations in Monaco, scheduled this year for 21 September 2011 at the Yacht Club Monaco and are presented awards during ISS’s International Awards for Design & Leadership Gala held the opening night of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, scheduled this year for 27 October 2011 at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort.

Aware of the growing concern of the environment in all aspects of enjoying oceans while promoting responsible stewardship, ISS announced the creation of the prestigious ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award at last year’s 20th Anniversary of the International Superyacht Society Awards for Design and Leadership Gala. Simply put, the Blue Award celebrates stewardship of marine ecosystems.

Complete descriptions of ISS’s Awards of Distinction follow:

ISS Business or Business Person of the Year

The ISS Business or Business Person of the Year is awarded to those demonstrating excellence in their area of superyacht expertise within the previous year; nominations come from both the industry and the ISS board with the board making finalists selections. Previous honorees have included Corporation of Trinity House, Professional Yachtsman Bursary Scheme, Frans Heesen, Heesen Yachts and John Dane, Trinity Yachts.

ISS Distinguished Crew Award

Distinguished Crew Award (DCA) nominations are made by the industry; selection is made by a panel of judges. Specifically, the DCA honour is designed to “recognise yacht crew whose distinguished acts of service best exemplify the standards to which professional yacht crew aspire." Previous recipients have included Captain David Hill, Yacht Aid Global, Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Bob Corcoran.

ISS Excellence in Innovation

Open to every aspect of the industry, from crew training to technological advances to environmental stewardship, the Excellence in Innovation award is given to an individual or business that has demonstrated innovation in their endeavours. Nominations come from the industry and ISS board members vote to determine finalists. In 2010, 2009 and 2008 respectively, Alastair Callender Soliloquy, Carlisle and Finch and Agrimond were awarded the Excellence in Innovation honour.

ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award

The ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award celebrates stewardship of marine ecosystems. Environmental leadership, global oceanic conservation and resource preservation are prerequisites for nomination. The integration of environmental technologies and resource management with the goal of setting achievable standards and models for wide adaptation in the design, engineering and building of large yachts, and the use of the Earth’s waterways, are essential criteria. Nominations are made by owners and the yachting industry; selection is by panel of judges, including Mr. Cousteau.

ISS Leadership Award

The only ISS award nominated “in-house”; the Leadership Award recognises an individual or business whose distinctive work and commitment to the industry has contributed over a substantial period of time to the sustainable growth of the superyacht community worldwide. Nominations are sought from ISS board members; the judging panel consists of previous recipients of the award.

Nominations Process

ISS requests that nominations be made prior to 19 August 2011. A nominations form is available on the International Superyacht Society website.

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