Italstyle unveils new 28m design, the Cheyenne 90

Italstyle have released information on a new 28m design, the Cheyenne 90. Her interior design can be customized by her future client, who can select main finishing like wood & fabrics.

The Italstyle design team has also developed a special construction system that allows client to easily update and change interiors, even after a couple of years, giving additional resale value. The system consist of modular cells, with walls, floor and ceiling, that can be easily removed and changed.

The main stairs, made of stainless steel and glass, look like they are floating in the air, and connects the main deck with the upper deck.

Special attention went to the minimal design of stern area, which has a glass bulwark that gives the client a better sense of contact with the sea. This same technique is used on the flybridge.

Italstyle Yacht Design
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By Maarten Janssen



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